Trade Granite Worktops

I have decided to give out some honest advice regarding Trade Granite Worktops, I totally understand how much of a minefield it can be when purchasing granite worktops, there are many questions that pop up when you are at the initial buying stage and what I share here will be very valuable and possibly save you lots of money. Firstly get your colour choice right but don't make a decision based on colour alone, ask where the granite is from as a well-informed granite company will be able to tell you everything you need to know about the choice you make, even if some elements are bad at least you know what you are buying and can make an educated choice as opposed to the hard sell because it's what the company has lots of, or what they want to push, you will find that light colours are very fashionable at present but can present quite a few problems in terms of upkeep, for starters a light coloured granite such as Kashmire Gold would need to be sealed on a regular basis to keep the colour and tones and also prevent staining, the seal you use will have to be a good quality seal not just some cheap liquid you can buy off the shelf at the big DIY stores, the better quality seal the less you would have to worry about the granite, some good quality seals I know of are Lithofin, Tenax, and Dupont, I have used these on many projects and have never had a problem, a good sealer is not that expensive, maybe ?30 - ?40 depending on where you purchase it from, also you don't want to risk ?2000 of Granite Worktops just because you want to save ?10, it's not good economics. Sealed Granite You should seal your granite worktops every 2 - 3 months again depending on colour, now as a rule of thumb the lighter the granite the softer it is and the darker the harder, black granites are very dense and will not really take a seal for example if you try to seal lets say African Black granite you will find that the granite is so dense that the seal will generally just dry out on the surface and you will then find that you have a very horrible smear of goo that you will then have to remove, if this happens then use wire wool or steel wool to get the residue off, don't panic I know you may think that steel wool is a bit harsh but remember that the African Black granite is harder that steel (fact) so you will not do any harm to the surface, and also remember that to get the granite worktops cut and polished and installed the fabricator will have used all sorts of diamond blades and polishing pads to achieve the finished worktop, steel wool wont even touch it. Do not do this with light coloured granite though, you would need to use a thinning agent to get the seal off although I would generally say that the granite will have drunk every but of the seal so you would just need to clean down. The best way to apply a good seal wold be with a sponge paint roller and tray that you can buy cheap from the DIY store, this way you can achieve a nice even finish, I would give it 1 coat evenly, then leave it for 8 hours, then another coat and leave for 8 hours, then a final coat and leave for 8 hours and then clean off, you will also get to know your Trade Granite Worktops, even the same colour of granite can act different, remember this is not a manufactured product and every slab of granite can be very different in terms of hardness appearance and feel even if it is cut from the same block, every fabricator and installer will tell you this, they have the same problems when processing the granite, some pieces can be polished quite easy and following the same process everything goes according to plan, then all of a sudden you can get a piece that will be stubborn and take an eternity to polish up to the same standard as the other pieces and the baffling thing is that it is from the same batch, same slab, same mine ect, remember it is natural and you cannot dictate the way it was formed. One of the major things to take into consideration when purchasing black granite is that a true black granite does not exist, it is really grey that you are looking at, I know that it looks black on the surface but if you ever get a sample sent to you from the granite company you will see that when you turn it onto its back it is grey, now when the granite company goes to purchase granite if they are an importer you can bet your money that it is from one of two countries, India or China, that does NOT mean bad quality and anyone who tells you this is either telling you lies or has not got a clue what they are talking about. If you are looking for Trade Granite Worktops, visit the website:

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