2011 good game back–Helmut Newton debut an unprecedented still negative cardinals

NFL launched 20 games last season the most good game reviews, announced today is the ranking of the 20 games, the first week Arizona cardinals at home against Carolina panthers, the unforgettable match the cardinals to 28-21 to win.

The NFL coach never saw this scene: a no NFL players who had failed to hit the experience of such a high level of competition, the Cam Newton to 422 yards of the premiere attack distance and three of array (2 preach 1 run) end. Cheap NBA Jerseys The game ball 176 yards of array 2 times the panthers took over Steve Smith said: "he has done all unexpected things. He's fine, effectively run, very good reading the game, and then passing the ball well, to tell you the truth, as the easily received his took over the ball."

With "good form" to describe helmut Newton was over-modest, since 1933 on an official technical statistics since, have not any rookie in the opening game of 422 yards out, that day is just 9.11 1 anniversary events, the eyes of the fans are in the Pittsburgh Baltimore, Chicago, Atlanta-the game, but the TV university Wholesale NBA Jerseys of phoenix stadium soon will live to the picture. Although the game in panthers failure, but here the last game but helmut Newton is very successful, he led auburn university got the BCS national championship. Another interesting is, can with the performance of comparable helmut Newton in 2003-Mr Sanchez, butyl (Anquan Boldin), he was in his seasonal debut contribution of 217 yards and 2 array, the location is phoenix university stadium.

The game's other central figure did well, 2011 XiaTianGong sparrow team the biggest concern is the introduction of four points WeiKaiWen cole cloth (Kevin Kolb), NBA Throwback Jerseys the game contribution of 309 yards passing and two of array passing, though is the number one star helmut Newton, but the cardinals Patrick peterson wonderful 89 yards back to run of array help the cardinals in the final hour will score beyond.

According to the history statistics, not only created a rookie helmut Newton premiere of passing the longest distance record, Cheap NBA Jerseys and tied a Matthew-stafford set in 2009's rookie season single-game highest passing records, a week after the game against BaoZhuangGong helmut Newton in will be the record increased to 432 yards. Can enter the rankings game that impress people, very few people in the pre-match think helmut Newton have so much passing ability, can't even some people think that this two last season in attack ability row last two team played so good game, therefore, the game didn't get higher ranking, because at the end of the regular season record two teams are not satisfactory. John Jenkins

Career highlights: university last two season, scoring in the SEC division lead list. Two time in a SEC division. As a sophomore, the best team Wholesale NBA Jerseys in the Associated Press three team. The 2011-12 season 38.3% from three-point lead the team. 306 ranking written 3-pointers Vanderbilt university history became the second place. Career 43.8% from three-point history in ranked third in the world. Three averaged 42.3 points in the history of the Tennessee second.

Junior year (2011-12) : is averaging 19.9 points, two consecutive season scoring lead SEC division, this is the first time in 16 years. With an average of 3.83 3-pointers and 35% from three leading the team, the two are created history and partition history. The best team in the Associated Press three team, at the same time in SEC division of squad. In Vanderbilt in SEC division title race win over top seed Kentucky university, was elected SEC league MVP. He 43.9% from three in the division and ranked second in the,47.4% ranked eleventh in field-goal shooting partition sixth. NBA Throwback Jerseys 35 games have 30 games thrown into a 3-pointer, four games thrown into at least 6 3-pointers, and 12 games 3 point shooting 50% or more, in this some game he at least put into four three points. In lafayette college, and in a game seven of nine three-point shots, the percentage is 77.8%. By three points can tied the single season record score history, Billy-Michael Fred once card in the 1992-93 season cut down 699 points.

keH% a�� p� pan>for career high of 45.2%. And in shooting and the free-throw line, rush to do quite well, two of the data were 50% and 79% respectively.


NBA recently released this season international jersey sales charts, five NBA title winner in first kobe Bryant, Ross, James, Kevin garnett and Howard ranking second to five, appear in the list three finals participants: James and Kevin durant, dwyane wade and international players, Spain, Germany pau gasol nowitzki, Tony parker of France and Spain LuBiAo also rank among the top 15.

The NBA also release the shirt in the main area of the sale, including China, Europe and Latin America. In China, kobe Bryant'sCheap Nike Free Run jerseys sales for the sixth consecutive year ranked first, Ross to second place. At the same time in Latin America and Europe Bryant popularity is very high also, sales also ranked no. 1

And earlier, NBA said in the United States rose shirt ranked first in sales.

Because of thunder team in Jeff green and perkins before trading of ignore Jeff green of heart disease risk, stern ruling will thunder team of 2013 second round draft to the celtics all as compensation.

According to NBA exchange regulation, trade both parties in before trading must be traded on exchanges all players of the specific information, though there are no clear evidence that thunder in the trade with the celtics team in an obvious conceal the green with injuries, but the thunder of the team's medical staff really have no will of green health told thunder general manager, Nike Air Foamposite this makes the celtics in before trading is not good understanding to green with injuries.

Jeff green before the start of last season at heart surgery, led to the missing the whole of the 2011-12 season.

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