A Few Tips To Assist Americans With Deciding To Donate Or Sell A Non-Working Automobile

Are you one of the many consumers that works hard from 9am to 5pm each and every day only to come home to a junk vehicle in your driveway? Well, you are not the only one dealing with the unfortunate eye sore. As a matter of fact, many Americans each and every day type the very same thing into the search bar on Google "Should I Donate My Car or Sell it to a junk yard?". Although this isn't exactly the easiest question to answer because depending on the reason Americans ask, there are a few different answers that I can give. With that said, here are the pros and cons of donating or selling a junk automobile, the rest of making the decision to do one or the other is up to the Americans with the junk cars! Selling A Car To A junk yard Every year, hundreds of thousands of Americans make the decision to sell their junk cars to junk yards. And, well, junk yards have made businesses out of buying thousands of non-working cars for very cheap and selling the working parts and scrap metal. The owner of the non-working vehicle has their needs met by the junkyard and the junkyard has it's needs met by the Americans and businesses who buy the working parts and scrap meta. Selling A Car To A junk yard Pros Free Junk Car Removal - Generally, the reason consumers ask this question is because they are simply tired of seeing a non-working automobile in their driveways and want to get rid of it. Therefore, Americans who decide to sell their non-working vehicles to junk yards are often times very happy with the fact that the junk yards will generally to the non-working cars away for free! Small Amount of Cash - Another benefit to consumers making the decision to sell their non-working vehicles to a junkyard is the small amount of cash that comes along with doing so. Although it truly is a small amount of cash in most cases between $100 and $200, this money in the right hands can really go a long way. Selling A Car To A junk yard Cons It Doesn't Really Help The Community - The only real down side to selling a junk vehicle to a junkyard is that the decision to do so doesn't really do anything to help the community. The simple fact is that unlike making the decision to donate a vehicle, people who make the decision to sell a non-working automobile to a junkyard make the decision to help only themselves and the company who buys the automobile, not the community around them. Donating A Junk Car Each and every year, many Americans make the decision to donate their junk vehicles to charity. These donations generate millions of dollars for charity each and every year! In this case, the charity facilitates the needs of the consumers and the community all in one! Donating A Junk Car Pros Free Junk Car Removal - The first benefit to donating a car is that because Americans are making a donation, the company that they are donating their non-working automobiles to will cover the costs of towing the donation! Therefore, consumers don't pay a dime to get rid of their junk automobiles. Huge Help To The Community - Because non-working vehicle donations generate millions of dollars worth of proceeds each year for charity, they really do have a huge impact on the beneficial services that are provided to people through these charities. Tax Deductions - Another great part of consumers making the decision to donate an automobile is the incredible tax deductions that they will receive. Any people who decide to donate a vehicle that generates less than $500 dollars in proceeds for charity will be given a $500 tax deduction. However, people who donate automobiles that generate more than $500 in proceeds to charity will receive a tax deduction that is equal to the amount of money generated through the sale of their automobile donations. Although, this is where the con's for automobile donations should be, I haven't found any, so, I am going to end this article by saying thanks for reading and have a great day! Most of my information for this article was found here: Donate My Car Where To Donate My Car

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