Ball mill maintenance

Ball mill maintenance Reasonable maintenance for the maintenance of a ball mill mill is to ensure that the ball mill higher operation rate and a longer period.The ball mill maintenance of E for should be maintained and operating combined with regular.The most successful operation is accompanied by the best maintenance plans and maintenance records.Develop a set of Navier-repair plan and maintenance policy is the most important new concentrator production of J to make one, well maintenance program, the dimensional attitude seriousness and maintenance program is correct or not, clearly reflect the economic benefits. Should be prepared for each planned downtime for maintenance work carried out smoothly, usually blossoming tone stack repair records, alicey999 detailed records of the operation and maintenance of the effect of each device.Carefully recorded the main bearings, lattice panels, lining, and so easy to wear pieces to replace the number of these records and the history ball mill of the use of equipment.In order to predict the component life, and plans to arrange replacement parts (spare parts). Maintenance frequency and duration of the operation of each mill to determine, at the same time also depends on the most vulnerable or most vulnerable to wear pieces, lining wear.The ball mill maintenance in addition to routine maintenance checks on a regular basis have a small repair, repair and overhaul of three kinds. (1) minor repairs.Generally 1 to 3 months to conduct a major overhaul project is to check, repair or replacement of worn parts, such as ball mill liners, to feeders spoon head, small gears, couplings and pads, feed ball mill tube, a feeding tube, the motor bearings; check all fasteners Jiang inch pumps and lubrication system inspection, cleaning and oil changes; temporary accident repair and wear parts of minor trap. ball mill (2) repair.Generally 6 to 12 months, the repair project in addition to including minor repairs ball mill needed on the various components of the equipment for the clean-up and adjustment, such as the rehabilitation of the transmission gear, replaced at the same time a lot of wear-prone components. (3.)Overhaul.Cycle is generally five years or so, its maintenance program in addition to repair all items, as well as replace the main bearings and gears, check, repair or replace the cylinder and end caps, on the basis of repair, alignment or secondary grouting . According to our practical experience in production, the mill consumable material, life and spare capacity are listed in Table 6-11.

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