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Beneficiation mill equipment selection Privacy Policy Energy-saving ball mill, crusher, magnetic separator, flotation machine, grading machine, dryer and other complete sets of processing equipment, in the choice of iron, copper, gold, silver, lead, tungsten, molybdenum, manganese and other non-ferrous metal ores and firefly stone, quartz stone and other non-metallic minerals; jaw crusher, crusher, sand making machine, vibrating screen, sand washer, conveyor gravel crushing equipment for airports, railway, highway, road construction and national large bridges, undersea tunnels, land tunnel and new high-rise buildings construction field.Beneficiation of the following: 1), gravity concentration method (referred to as the re-election): re-election is to use mineral density in the medium (water, air, re-solution or suspension) in movement speed or the trajectory of different achieve the separation method.This method is widely used to select the Do not tin, tungsten, gold, iron, manganese and other minerals such as, but also for sorting certain rare metals and, more generally used in coal preparation.Gravity concentration machines: jigger, shaker, chute, spiral concentrator and hydrocyclones, etc..2), zooplankton dressing method (referred to as the flotation method): Flotation is based on the wettability of the mineral surface, leaving the useful minerals and gangue are separated from each other by adding the appropriate pharmaceutical method.The majority of ore flotation jaw crusher available for selection, beneficiation costs are higher. Flotation in a variety of flotation machine.3), the magnetic separation method (referred to as magnetic separation): magnetic separation of a different make of useful minerals and gangue magnetic beneficiation.Magnetic separation to deal with black metal.In various magnetic separator, magnetic Cone crusher price separator. In addition, there are minerals conductivity, coefficient of friction, color and gloss of different beneficiation methods.Such as electrostatic separation, friction dressing method, photoelectric dressing method and hand method of selection. alicey999 The above method is useful minerals and gangue, mechanical separation, these methods did not change in the beneficiation process, the chemical composition of the mineral itself, collectively referred to as the mechanical dressing method. Sometimes simply the mechanical beneficiation method fail to achieve the purpose, often using a chemical processing method.Chemical beneficiation process mineral chemical changes, resulting in a metal or Jaw crusher metal compounds.Mine the separation and selection; such as scheelite and cassiterite separation; selection of zircon, tantalum and niobium ore selected. Xingbang Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. to provide you with brick making machine the most complete set of mineral processing equipment and technical services.Cooperate in good faith, from the Xingbang.

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