Fendi Chameleon Bag 2012 spring and summer new

Fendi Chameleon Bag 2012 spring and summer new conference, the luggage to China's mode industry to open the door to the original vogue, the globe amazing show individuals bags original exquisite luxury from the wind, let the vogue media star celebrities and mode consumers praise not stop talking. This also shows the 2012 spring and summer bags vogue trends, would be a compromise between the informal and formal, between simple and complex, tough and sexy vogue style. 2012 spring and summer might be a dynamic and changing seasons, and experience that highlight the new style of female feminine beauty, you may have a want to go crazy to want to absolutely free the desire to want to relax. Women of different ages and luxurious rich and diverse bouquet assortment, aside completely monotonous and stereotyped beauty and elegance for the principles has evolved to become a new period of temptation. Fendi's chief designer James Moore said inside the popular trend on the forecasts for 2012 spring and summer bags. fendi bags online brand designer James traveled Europe, the United States and Asia countries, with a keen fashion insight and design and style creativity, as if a magical kaleidoscope of vogue bags in his creative inspiration. In his eyes, the color of nature gives humans the most beautiful gift. Therefore, the FendiJAMIE MOORE 2012 spring and summer conference design inspiration is from nature of all items in close contact with people's daily lives, particularly the magical combination of nature and color.

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