Four measures to improve the grade of iron concentrate

Four measures to improve the grade of iron concentrate Domestic more iron ore dressing plant beneficiation backward technology, obsolete equipment and rough, small-scale enterprises and other reasons in the edge of the narrow margin of profit and loss.The industry said to take four measures to improve the technology of the iron concentrate grade. Since 2003, China's steel sales gradually increased, the demand for iron ore powder also will continue to rise.Due to the increased demand, the more different grade levels concentrator came into being.In early 2005, subject to the limitations of the macroeconomic regulation and control of the National Steel, the sharp decline in the ball mill price of iron ore powder.More iron ore dressing plant no mining, beneficiation process backward, alicey999 outdated equipment and rough, small-scale enterprises, concentrate grade, low sales prices, sales difficulties and other reasons, this type of concentrator is in the edge of the narrow margin of profit and loss.How to make such enterprises to be developed, profitable, competitive and is placed in this type of concentrator leadership an important subject. Henan Xingbang Machine Co., Ltd. In the years of research to the design of the concentrator process equipment, manufacturers of dressing products under the premise, summed up the concentrator to increase product quality, reduce production costs and improve the economic benefits of a complete program.Existing behind the ball mill concentrator after the transformation of processes and equipment, product quality and production costs, can reach the domestic advanced concentrator ball mill level.After analysis, the backward concentrator presence should solve the following problem: 5mm down to 10mm, fine crusher, one ton of ball mill ore need to power consumption 5KWl.Changed to grind the ore fine crushing, fine crushing equipment such crushing and grinding power consumption of one ton of ore of the mine two systems can be reduced 7KWF.And mill consumption before fine crushing equipment hammer liner consumption costs, and significantly lower than the ball mill ball and liner consumption costs.An annual processing of 100,000 tons of ore concentrator, the use of advanced technology in the grinding process is broken, you can save electricity and material consumption of 40 million.

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