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Microsoft global users to release October a security update, one-time provides 13 security patch, patch number, surpassing the previous highest for 12 history, and for the first time the Windows 7 operating system repair the security vulnerabilities. 360 security center, says dr ShiXiaoHong, although Microsoft has not been holes in the windows 7 key repair of massive attack Trojan horse industry, but with the holes of the information publicity, these loopholes will become future within a period of time is extremely serious security hidden danger, users play good patch immediately. 360 security guards have the first time for Internet users push all must be installed patches, and fully support WIN7 bugs fixed. From the safety of the official announcement, released this month of 13 patch, eight patch level of security for the highest "serious" level, five for "important" rank. People's attention of a new generation of Windows 7 operating system including five patch, and include a "serious" level of the patch (KB974455), this patch repair the Windows 7 operating system of IE8 browser remote code execution holes. Microsoft says, if users don't play in time related to this patch, this loophole, once use users need operation can be infected by the worm virus. In addition to Windows 7 operating system, the Windows XP is still Microsoft October of the patch holes repair "investors", and a total of 13 patch with 10 repair is remote code execution loophole, usually such holes can be "web hang horse" and other major Trojan mode of transmission use, directly affect the domestic PC users of Internet security. ShiXiaoHong, says dr, from October 14 3 a.m. on, 360 security windows 7 ultimate key guards have started to push users to 240 million all must be installed patches, and fully supports Windows 7 operating system's vulnerabilities to repair.

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