Quite A Few Facts To Assist Consumers With Donating A Vehicle

There are several people that make the decision to donate a vehicle each and every year. When it comes down to it, car donations from consumers account for millions of dollars in funding for charities each and every year. With that said, chances are you are one of the people reading this article because you have a car that you would like to donate. However, Americans who would like to donate a vehicle for the first time generally have no idea where to start. The good news is that donating a vehicle is a very simple process! Here are the steps consumers should follow when donating an automobile: Step 1: Choose a cause: The first thing that consumers will need to do when they decide to donate a car is to choose a cause that they would like to help. When it comes down to it, when consumers donate automobiles, their cars will be either broken down and the parts sold or sold as a whole to generate the top dollar donation for a charity. That charity is going to help a cause. Often times people choose to donate their cars to help wounded warriors, some donate to save children, some donate to find cures, ect... When people would like to donate a vehicle, the first decision that they will have to make is what the money generated from their car donation will be used to help! Step 2: Choose a charity: The next thing that people should do when donating a vehicle is choose the charity that the money generated from their automobile donations will be given to. For instance, if people decide that they would like their vehicle donation to help veterans, they can decide to donate their automobile to wounded warriors. However, if people would like their car donations to help children, they might decide to donate their automobiles to Make A Wish. Step 3: Go To CarsHelpingCharities.org: Now that consumers have decided who they would like for their automobile donations to help and how the funding will be used to help, it's time for them to go to CarsHelpingCharities.org. Cars Helping Charities has worked throughout the past decade to accomplish 3 tasks. First to make information about automobile donations and the automobile donations process readily available to Americans and charities. Second, to make the process of donating a vehicle as easy as possible for the consumers that decide to do so. Finally, to allow charities who could not otherwise benefit from vehicle donations or who could only realize a small benefit to car donations to maximize the fund raising abilities associated with vehicle donations from consumers! When Americans are ready to donate an automobile, Americans should always donate through Cars Helping Charities. Step 4: Make the donation: Once on the Cars Helping Charities website, consumers have 2 options to make their car donations. First, for those consumers who would rather give all of the information all line, these people can simply fill out the get started form located on the right side of each page within the website. On the other hand, for those Americans who would rather talk to a live representative, these consumers can call the toll free customer service phone number located on the upper right hand corner of each page of the website. I hope that I have answered all of your questions that you may have had about automobile donations. However, I would never think that a simple article could answer all the questions in the world about any topic. With that said, although, I do truly hope that this article has answered all of your questions, if I have left any of them unanswered, I would suggest going to Cars Helping Charities at CarsHelpingCharities.org! Most of my information for this article was found here: Donate A Vehicle Where Can I Donate A Car

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