Seahawks new QB average performance

When Seattle haiying team in the offseason and former green bay BaoZhuangGong team quarterback Matt Flynn signed a three-year, $26 million contract, the widespread view that the he will replace tower Tarvaris Jackson and become a new team starting quarterback, but in fact, things and not so fast.

According to ESPN reports, Flynn in small training camp Nike Free Run in the team haiying "and no special performance," this means that in the team's pre-season training camp, Jackson will still be the team's starting quarterback. 2011 season is Jackson career best season, passing more than 3000 yards, passing the success rate of 60%.

Since the 2008 season has been Flynn BaoZhuangGong team as the substitute aron-Rogers. At the end of the regular season game he blockbuster, the team has won the playoffs in ahead of all home court advantage, he replaced as the game's starting Rogers, passing the 480 yards, and send Nike Free Shoesout six of array. Fab Melo

Career highlights: as a sophomore, neusoft defensive player of the year for division. In the game hall university and, once get the school record 10 blocks. A big had been named to dongda division rookie.

Big 2:00 (2011-12) : averaged 7.8 points, another rebounds (5.8), blocked shots (2.9) and percentage (55.6%) also lead the team. Season 30 games,Nike Free Run 2 all starts, including 11 games to get two double. In the university of east and game, scored career history and the ten blocks, and 12 points. And the university of Pittsburgh in the game, scored 10 points and career-high 10 rebounds. And the university of st John's game, five of six shots get season high in 14 points.

A large (2010-11) : 33 times appearances, and presence of 9.9 minutes playing time get 2.3 points and 1.9 rebounds, career before 24 games,Nike Free Run 3 all starts. And the university of st John's game 5 of 5 get season high with 12 points. And the university of Paul's game, scored 10 points and rebounds. 3 times the most high sent season four blocks, respectively is against Cornell university, Morgan state university and Cincinnati.

Technical features: as 7 feet, big, have 7 feet 3 wingspan. Excellent ability to block the defender, excellent rebounder, especially in the offensive rebounds especially prominent. As near the basket,Cheap Nike shoes he is also an excellent finisher.

Personal information: father called reggina-palmer Mr Reno. In the university of reading is art and science major, represent Brazil took part in the 2011 world university games.

June 27,, and the NBA news. The warriors have gone to the team defender brandon-rush provides a quote contract, let it be granted a restricted free agent.

Union other 29 teams in the offseason has the right to rush out any quote contract, but as long as the warriors select match, they have a right to rush to leave.

The 26 year old rush from the pacers last season was traded to the mighty men, and he swap club is luis armand Carson. Rush caps last season, averaging can get a career high of 9.8 points, 3.9 rebounds and 1.4 assists, averaging playing time to 26 minutes.

Last season, rush in 3-point shooting ranks sixth in the league,Cheap Nike Air Max for career high of 45.2%. And in shooting and the free-throw line, rush to do quite well, two of the data were 50% and 79% respectively.

NBA recently released this season international jersey sales charts, five NBA title winner in first kobe Bryant, Ross, James, Kevin garnett and Howard ranking second to five, appear in the list three finals participants: James and Kevin durant, dwyane wade and international players, Spain, Germany pau gasol nowitzki, Tony parker of France and Spain LuBiAo also rank among the top 15.

The NBA also release the shirt in the main area of the sale, including China, Europe and Latin America. In China, kobe Bryant's Cheap Nike Free Run jerseys sales for the sixth consecutive year ranked first, Ross to second place. At the same time in Latin America and Europe Bryant popularity is very high also, sales also ranked no. 1

And earlier, NBA said in the United States rose shirt ranked first in sales.

Because of thunder team in Jeff green and perkins before trading of ignore Jeff green of heart disease risk, stern ruling will thunder team of 2013 second round draft to the celtics all as compensation.

According to NBA exchange regulation, trade both parties in before trading must be traded on exchanges all players of the specific information, though there are no clear evidence that thunder in the trade with the celtics team in an obvious conceal the green with injuries, but the thunder of the team's medical staff really have no will of green health told thunder general manager, Nike Air Foamposite this makes the celtics in before trading is not good understanding to green with injuries.

Jeff green before the start of last season at heart surgery, led to the missing the whole of the 2011-12 season.

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