Several Answers For Consumers Regarding Understanding What Happens After Consumers Decide Donate A Vehicle

Hundreds of thousands of Americans make the decision to donate a car to charity each and every year. These car donations given by Americans are the reason for millions of dollars in funding given to charities annually. However, if you are one of the hundreds of thousands of consumers that will donate an automobile this year, you may have a few questions. One of the most common questions asked by consumers about vehicle donations is, "What happens to vehicle donations?". Here is the process that a car goes through after consumers make the decision to donate it. Step #1: The Tow Away: The first step for a vehicle that people make the decision to donate is called the tow away. In this step, the automobile donation is simply picked of from where the consumers would like it to be picked up from and towed to the donation facility. Don't worry, Americans don't have to pay for towing so, in essence if Americans donate a junk automobile, they get free junk car removal! Step #2: The Car Is Evaluated: The next step for cars that are donated by people is for them to be evaluated. This evaluation will answer quite a few questions for the charities or automobile donation processing companies that Americans make the decision to donate their cars to. Questions like, "Is the car donation a junk or running car?", "What is the perceived value of the automobile donation?", "Does the automobile donation need repairs?" and "Based on the cost of the repairs the vehicle needs, is it advantageous to provide the repairs that will bring the automobile to like new or at least running condition?" are all answered as a result of this evaluation! Step #3: The Car Is Fixed Or Stripped: The next step for cars that are donated by Americans is for them to be fixed or stripped as determined necessary by the evaluation. If the automobile is deemed to be worthy of repairs needed, it will be fixed to bring the maximum cash donation for charity. However, if the vehicle is deemed to be a junk vehicle and not worth fixing, the vehicle will be stripped of all scrap metal, working parts and anything else of value to generate the highest cash donation for charity. Step #4: The Car Is Sold: The final step for vehicle donations that are given by people is for them to be sold. The vehicles that are running and in good condition are generally sold at auction to bring in the highest cash donation possible for charities. The cars that where stripped of anything of value are usually sold in pieces to scrap metal yards, mechanics and even people to generate the highest cash donation! I hope this article has answered any questions Americans may have had about what happens to car donations. However, I couldn't imagine one article being enough to answer all questions consumers have about any topic. With that said, if you are one of the people with questions after reading this article, please feel free to visit the source of the information found here today,! Most of my information for this article was found here: Where To Donate My Automobile Where Can I Donate A Vehicle

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