The Steps People May Want To Take When Sopping For Balance Transfer Charge Card

It is no secret that charge cards play a huge role in the financial stability of many people. It also comes as no surprise that many consumers are simply unhappy with their interest rates on their charge cards. However, not having debt issues, being able to pay on time and having great FICO ratings, quite a few Americans simply don't see charge card debt settlement or debt consolidation as an option for annual percentage rate reductions. However, I've got the perfect answer for these Americans, balance transfer charge cards! These specialty charge card accounts allow Americans to pay off high interest rate charge card accounts with new lower annual percentage rates. However, as with any charge card, it is extremely important for consumers to compare balance transfer credit cards properly. Here are some the steps that consumers should follow when comparing balance transfer credit cards. Step #1: Go To The first step that people should take when comparing balance transfer charge cards is to go to has been perfecting their knowledge bank and database of credit card offers from several different lenders since 2008! Now with almost 1,000 credit card, personal finance and charge card debt help articles and the top charge card account offers displayed in lists that are updated daily, is the first place people should start when comparing any type of credit card account including balance transfer credit cards! Step #2: Compare Promotional Interest Rates: Promotional APRs are going to be the main source of savings associated with balance transfer charge cards in most cases. These are low, often times 0% APRs that will last from the date a balance is transferred to the end of a promotional period. Promotional periods can be as little as 3 months or as long as 24 months and everything in between depending on the balance transfer credit card account offers consumers choose. I would suggest that Americans settle for nothing less than 0% for 12 months or longer! Step #3: Compare Standard Interest Rates: Standard annual percentage rates are the APRs that people will be charged in most cases once the promotional period expires. When shopping for balance transfer credit cards for the reason of reducing interest rates, Americans can find themselves in worse positions than before once the promotional period expires if the standard interest rate on the new balance transfer credit card is not lower than the standard annual percentage rate on the charge card that balance is being transferred from. Step #4: Compare Balance Transfer Fees: Although all charge card account offers will come with standard fees like annual fees, foreign transaction fees and return check fees. However, balance transfer charge card accounts often times come with a fee of their own. It is called the balance transfer fee. This is the fee that Americans will be charged as a result of transferring a balance from one credit card account to another. In most cases balance transfer fees will range between 3% and 5% of the total amount of the transaction. Although this seems like quit a bit, these fees are absorbed into the savings offered by balance transfer charge card accounts. None the less, Americans should always compare balance transfer fees when comparing balance transfer credit cards. Step #5: Compare All Other Fees And Interest Rates: Finally, when comparing balance transfer charge card accounts or any other charge card for that matter, people should always compare any rates and or fees that they may be charged as a result of using their new credit cards. With that said, when comparing balance transfer charge cards, people should always read the rates and fees section of the terms and conditions of the charge cards that they are interested in! I hope this article has answered any question you may have about balance transfer charge card accounts. However, it would be impossible for one article to answer all questions Americans may have about any topic! With that said, if you are one of the consumers that is left with questions after reading this article, please feel free to visit the source of the information provided here,! The information found in this article was researched on Skymiles Credit Card Offers | Skymiles Credit Card Offers

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