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It is a beautiful thing that hundreds of thousands of Americans decide to donate their automobiles each and every year! These donations are the reason for millions of dollars in funding given to charities each and every year. With that said, there are many Americans out there today that are ready to donate a car. However, before they do donate their automobile, these people often times have a few questions that they would like answered. As an advocate for charities, I am often asked questions about vehicle donations. Here are the answers to the most common questions people ask! Question #1: Can I donate a junk car? Answer: This is the question that people ask the most, by far about vehicle donations! There are quite a few consumers out there with a junk automobile in their driveways that want to get rid of them. Looking for options, many Americans stumble across automobile donations. And, to answer the question, yes! As a matter of fact, junk automobile donations are the vast majority of cars that are donated to charity every year. Although junk cars may have little or no value to consumers, they always have extremely high value to charities. On average, junk automobiles that are donated generally generate $300 to $900 in cash donations given to charity each time one is donated. That cash truly does go a long way in the charity community! Question #2: What happens to junk automobile donations? Answer: Generally junk car donations are analyzed to find out exactly what is wrong with them, how much they will cost to fix and if the car is worth reviving. If the junk vehicle is deemed to be worth reviving, all repairs needed both mechanically and aesthetically will be taken care of and the junk automobile will be sold as a running car to generate the maximum cash donation for charities. However, it the junk automobile donation would cost more to fix than it would generally generate, it will be stripped. This means all working parts, scrap metal and anything else of value will be removed from the car donation and would be sold by the piece to Americans and businesses alike to generate the maximum cash donation for charities. Question #3: What if a charity I want to donate an automobile to doesn't accept vehicle donations? Answer: Although, some charities don't directly accept vehicle donations, all charities will accept the cash generated from vehicle donations and there are companies that consumers can choose to turn their car donation into cash for charities. The best in the industry is called Cars Helping Charities. Over the past several years, Cars Helping Charities has been committed to providing information and making the car donation process as easy as possible for people while perfecting a process that provides charities the maximum benefit from automobiles donated by people. I hope that this article has answered any question people may have had about donating a vehicle. However, I do realize that one article couldn't possibly answer all questions consumers have about any topic. With that said, if you are one of the consumers that still has questions about vehicle donations after reading this article, please feel free to visit the source of information found here today,! Most of my information for this article was found here: Car Donations Donate My Car

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