What Is The Best Way For Americans To Donate A Car To Those In Need?

It should come as no surprise when I say that vehicle donations are the reason for a great deal of funding that charities have. As a matter of fact, hundreds of thousands of people make the decision to donate a vehicle each year leading to millions of dollars donated to charities. This funding allows these charities to do great things for people around the world. However, donating a vehicle is not something that most Americans do on a daily or even annual basis. Therefore, when it comes time to donate a vehicle, many consumers simply don't know where to start. With that said, if you have a vehicle for donation, here are the steps that you will want to follow to make the donation! Step 1: Pay A Visit To The Cars Helping Charities Website: Cars Helping Charities has been around for 10 years in which time they have done everything possible to make the donations process as easy as possible for Americans, allow charities to maximize the benefit of automobile donations and give people all the information they will ever need with regards to making and understanding vehicle donations. For people who don't know much about car donations except for that they would like to make one, I suggest going to CarsHelpingCharities.org to get more information to start with. Step 2: Choose Who You Would Like To Benefit From Your Car Donation: The next step that people will want to take when making a vehicle donation is to choose who they would like for their vehicle donations to help. When it comes down to it, when Americans donate cars, the cars will be sold and eventually end in a cash donation given to a charity. A charity that will help a group of people. Therefore, when it comes time for people to make a vehicle donation, they will need to first decide who they would like to benefit from their vehicle donations. Some common charitable causes to choose from are saving children, supporting veterans, finding a cure, defeating hunger and homelessness, ect... Step 3: Choose The Charity That Will Provide Community Services As A Result Of Your Donation: The next step for consumers who would like to donate an automobile is to choose the charity that they would like to provide the community services as a result of their car donations. Doing so is simple, Cars Helping Charities has a list of certified charities that have been investigated to ensure that they will help the community with the cash generated from the cars people donate. To find this list, simply go to CarsHelpingCharities.org and click the "Charities" link found in the footer/bottom of the website. Step 4: Make The Car Donation: The final step for consumers who would like to donate a car is to actually make the car donation. Cars Helping Charities has made this process fairly simple as well. Once on CarsHelpingCharities.org, Americans have two options. For those Americans that would rather work on the computer, these Americans can simply fill out the Get Started form located on the right side of each page within the website. On the other hand, for those Americans that would rather speak to someone, they can simply call the toll free customer service phone number on the upper right hand corner of each page of CarsHelpingCharities.org 7 days a week! That's it, donating an automobile really is that easy! I hope that I've answered all of your automobile donation questions however, I am realistic. Unfortunately, not all questions that will be asked can be answered in a simple 500 or 600 word article. Chances are there will be consumers that have more questions. If you are one of the many Americans that are left with questions after reading this article, please feel free to call the car donation hotline at 866-697-0697 to get them answered! Most of my information for this article was found here: Where To Donate My Vehicle Where To Donate My Vehicle

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