Yao Ming on the tenth anniversary of the draft

June 27, NBA draft on congress, the Houston rockets signed with top in the selected yao Ming, he also became the first Asian top in league history. Now, in the past 10 years, and yao Ming has left the NBA's stage, and to open up their own world another time.

9 years of NBA career, yao 8 all-star squad, GHD Australia he left us too much classic memorable moments. First joined the alliance, yao Ming is surrounded by misgivings about, who all know, a big man want from the east in the NBA and based on success is a how difficult things.

Remember yao debut? On October 31, 2002 the rockets away 82-91 loss to the indiana pacers, yao finished his NBA debut: full play 11 minutes, 1 0 for no points, grabbed two rebounds. Leaving the American media to yao Ming's misgivings about and a rise in yao Ming of the two-decade-long under intense pressure. But he did not fall!

Yao in his NBA career game 7 points in the first time on double, GHD Hair Straightener he made five of six scoring 10 points; The next one game he shot nine of 9, free throw two free throws had 20 points; 10 games yao got 30 points and 16 rebounds two pairs of data (career first two pairs of, a single field for the first time in double rebounds). Under pressure, YaoMingRu rate of the rockets to get people to truly know the height of 2.26 meters, the strength of the big man.

Rookie season, yao and successful all-star, a force ShaKuiEr o 'neal become the western press starting at center. More let people admit defeat of is, the eight season after little giant is 7 degrees all-star. GHD Australia sale Were it not for the 2009-10 season due to injury to submit an expense account, yao nine years 9 degrees all-star will write more a much-told story.

Yao Ming in the league in 2002, when the lakers complete predicted rate at shaq, and for a few years "big shark" are still in the DianFengQi career, and Dwight Howard in 2004 in the league, yao and shaq, Mr Howard's "the league center" for the discussion of the hot among the always.

In the nine years in, yao has and Steve Francis and Tracy McGrady cooperation, and whether yao + Francis or combination of yao + tmac in Chinese fans have the most special circumstances. The 2003-04 season playoff, yao Ming got and "big shark" o 'neal face to face with the opportunity to exchange, although the rockets 1-4 was Cheap NBA Jerseys the lakers out of the game, but yao war also become the shaquille o 'neal scene fans of the classic. After McGrady joined, the rockets hope the championship is still far away, but two first-round rob seven) and stirring always can touch the heartstrings of the fans.

Only from the data for 2006-07 season, yao has reached its peak in the top, he averaged can get 25 points and 9.4 rebounds, 2 assists and two block, just injury is also from the start; announced his retirement until yao Ming. Wholesale NBA Jerseys Career the first three seasons, yao there are only missed two games of the regular season, and in the coming six season, yao is "only" took part in the 242 regular-season games, attendance less than 50%.

Yao feet under too much pressure, he always with exhausted body in the roma, when "feet can't bear the heavy", yao crashing down, this also for his kind buried the set. The 2009-10 season is yao career of most dark a season, he limped season to submit an expense account, can be in only the pain and suffering spent in. And in the 2010-11 season, yao played just five games then and a "injury absence," which also became his last song.

On July 20, 2011, yao Ming to hold "Ming thanks" press conference, announced his decision to retire. Think that year warriors, to now feeling why Campbell, but the hero always have to leave the day, just yao in this manner retire or let a person feel sorrow and regret.

Now evening what evening, NBA Throwback Jerseys even though a red towel cui sleeve, who wen hero tears?

There is no one perfect, everyone will have pity, but yao career has enough wonderful!

Today is yao Ming was elected the draft 10 anniversary, did he make a lot of people begin to like basketball, and hysterical in love with the basketball. Yao Ming for the NBA and Chinese basketball between built a bridge, now, he is still in for Chinese basketball career! In this special nodes, let us rise up memories of a 10 years ago those unforgettable segment and instantly! The pacers President Byrd and general manager MoWei both leave

June 27,, and the NBA news. -David MoWei resigned Cheap Nike Shoes from the pacers the position of general manager, and team President larry bird also is about to leave.

MoWei in 1999 the indiana pacers, since 2008, has served as general manager position. The local time Wednesday, according to the Indianapolis star, say, Byrd will leave the indiana pacers, and the team owner herb-Simon declined to comment on.

55 years old, the bird was in 1997-2000 the pacers coach, and leads a team in the 2000 finals and the lakers war in six games, Nike Air Max australia Byrd in 2003 to return to the indiana pacers enter the management work. In 2008, Byrd replace leave Danny-Walsh become pacers basketball affairs operations President, this season Byrd also won the league's best managers.

In the bird coups, the pacers this season has made great achievements in the eastern semi-final and heat them fighting for six games, began to the championship this season catch them.

During the players, for the Boston celtics Byrd had three-time MVP award, Nike Free Run 2 and three-time NBA finals MVP, retired in the basketball hall of fame.

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