Fly ash dryer in recent years made gratifying achievements

Fly ash dryer in recent years made gratifying achievementsBroken theory, process and equipment research mainly focuses on: Research in broken energy-saving, efficient theory, but also strive to find new theoretical breakthroughs people are already familiar with three broken theory; to study high-energy or more new non-mechanical force force the combined effects of crushing equipment, yet to see the industrialization of equipment, but the research phase; to improve the existing equipment in this area are often ball mill based on the user's own needs. Philosophy, such as application "more crushing less grinding" old-fashioned crusher of the existing production line technological innovation, so that "old is new again". Such as old-fashioned fine jaw crusher a "fixed volume" linear ─ ─ amend the Gaussian curve profound crushing chamber so that the material in the crushing cavity by a certain degree of laminated crushed, improve machine crushing effect; at the same time, nip angle is changed from zero to negative, so that the material not only will not clog, instead of linear movable jaw plate longer "balance area", the nesting is parallel to the compression of a period of time, further thinning materials. In addition, the transformation of the crusher cavity, and even the existing technology can also transform the lubrication system of the crusher. Abroad now have an innovative idea - "the materials on behalf of timber" is the value of learning. The crusher is a wear-resistant material consumption equipment.The is also the many of the the subject of research by the people in the industry on the to reduce of the consumption of of wear-resisting materials.Improve the performance of wear resistant material is a method to reduce the wear-resistant materials, but blindly only to improve the performance of wear resistant material, after all, is a dead end, does not fundamentally solve the problem of wear-resistant material consumption. The foreign idea is to reduce the wear-resistant materials consumed to the generation of wear resistant material way to the material.Which in foreign countries has been put into the the the the practice of phase of of the the early. Abroad vertical shaft impact crusher with the material feed pad to replace the liner as wearing parts (part design material pad protection, canceled expensive chrome alloy steel surfacing), this is a good example. The thinking of many people among the crusher and energy savings is nothing to do with the edge.Crusher manufacturers in the low-end of the crusher market competition, manufacturers are not many efficient, Cone Crusher environmentally friendly, low-power technology as the core crusher.Thus crushing machine to bring our high energy consumption.    But in fact, the crusher in the energy saving, especially energy-saving, credit, especially targeted the development of new, energy-saving crusher.   The following are just a few to illustrate the development of large-scale single-stage crusher. Originally developed for large-scale single-stage hammer crusher, the largest one cubic meter of ore chunk of the original ore may be first broken to the required size, so that the past need to multi-or Sec broken process is simplified as a broken, the output per hour 300 to 800 tons, is widely used in mining, building materials and other industries, but also to fill the blank jaw crusher ISO9001:of the domestic large crushing equipment. Home and abroad a certain gap, but crusher production line for cement enterprises, to obtain the greatest benefit is the most important. In recent years, the National Development and Reform Commission promulgated the "cement industry crusher technology conditions (JC/T922-2003), affirmed the type of crusher used by cement companies, but we still can not effect.Because of the different emphases of the various types of crushers, the adaptation conditions are not the same, and the size of the production line models are not the same, it must be rigorous selection, selection of the crusher. Broken machinery industry in China's science and technology research level has been gradually narrowing the gap and international, is slowly approaching the international advanced level.Of broken machinery industry, the rapid growth in technology, production situation, can also play a positive role in promoting the development of broken machinery and equipment for industry. Tap more potential crushing machinery industry enterprises and Cone crusher the domestic component parts manufacturers, to reduce all aspects of cost, improve production efficiency through the joint between the host manufacturers and component parts manufacturers, common in terms of price, the profits to achieve balance and stability development, must be able to more improve the international competitiveness of broken machinery. Prosperous heavy industry to discuss business, prosperous Heavy modern high-tech enterprise specializing in R & D and manufacture of large-scale crushing and screening equipment.The company has passed ISO9001: 2000 international quality system certification.The company mainly developing, producing all types of crushing, screening, grinding, washing, feeding, transportation machinery and cement equipment, artificial aggregate processing equipment.7 × 24 hours of free customer service phone (400-066-3090) call can be learned that the price of the crusher, sand making price. This article is reproduced by the prosperous Heavy Yu Dong original please specify: The address of this article is: / News-1197.html on one: the crusher spindle maintenance a: staff race against time to return to the list in a variety of weather conditions Fly Ash Dryer: Cone crusher:

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