Hongxing Machinery Emphasizes the Innovation and Improvement of Coal Crusher

With the vigorous support of the national policies and the approach of the opportunities of science and technology progress and innovative development, the pace of the restructuring of the coal industry has been sped up which also provides favorable opportunity for its continuous and healthy development. However, on the other hand, the coal industry is also faced with the pressure of excess production capacity, energy conservation and emission reduction and the challenges of weak industrial management and independent innovative ability, low level of the comprehensive production capacity and serious resources waste.

In order to realize the high utilization rate of the coal industry, after many years of careful research and development, Hongxing Machinery launched new equipment that is specific to different coal types, such as coal crusher, cone crusher, gangue crusher and other excellent crushing machines. The application of these machines will not only reduce the high consumption of energy and resources and realize the crushing work of low emission and little dust and energy conservation and environmental protection, but cycle and reuse the coal waste and turn it into cement raw materials and building aggregates and greatly improve the resources utilization rate of the coal and really promote the green development of the coal resources.vibrating screen:http://www.china-mills.com/p10.html
vibrating screen:http://www.china-mills.com/p10.html

Even though the coal resources in our country is pretty rich, seen from the present situation, China has become a net importer of coal, and the annual net importing amount is also gradually increasing, and it is predicted that it will continue to increase in the coming years which will lead to the contradiction of supply and demand of coal. For this reason, the coal industry should focus on constantly improve the industrial concentration, move more quickly to restructure the industrial structure and stride to transform to economical and low-carbon industry.

The twelfth five-year plan period is an important stage for the coal industry to transform from quantitative growth to qualitative change. The formulation of national plan is to guarantee the stable supply of the coal and improve the resource utilization rate, and at the same time, speed up to change the economic development pattern of the coal industry and reduce the pressure of energy conservation and emission reduction. HXJQ will also constantly improve the core competence of our company, pay attention to the innovation and improvement of the coal crushers and comprehensively promote the sustainable development of the coal industry.

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