Innovation can open up a new industry for crusher road

Innovation can open up a new industry for crusher roadstaff collective training Employee group training on Tuesday, August 2, 2011, organized a staff of professional knowledge, learning activities, employees are just getting into this industry, understanding of professional knowledge is not deep enough so the company organized this study.Lectures from two in the afternoon until 21:00, although the process of some long, the course is relatively is relatively boring dry, but the staff are serious about learning, records, properly supplement their lack of knowledge. A few hours of class, the teacher explained to us the principle crusher broken crusher Cone crusher selection methods, crushing the difference between the machine and the match between the broken machine, contact the precautions required.There are a variety of connectivity components, transmission parts, and screening equipment, employees in this day courses, learned a lot. Lecturer from the product works with the principle of matching rules, explanations, analysis of the present industry conditions, market analysis.Skills to find customers, negotiate with the customer notes, or to the customer the right offer. Lecturer all know that all you laid to rest, to pass on to us. After a day of training new employees in the high-intensity learning to feel a hint of fatigue, but we are still sparkle, for their acquired knowledge sincerely delighted.The lectures end around the lecturer asked some class does not understand clearly, and some of the problems, they only think of the blind spot of knowledge to ask the lecturer.The lecturer gave us a very good answer.On the way back, still excited discussions today learned. I believe that after such a day training, everyone Cone Crusher is more positive, more sunshine, but also on their own to face the new day's work! Prosperous heavy industry to discuss business, prosperous Heavy modern high-tech enterprise specializing in R & D and manufacture of large-scale crushing and screening equipment.The company has passed ISO9001: 2000 international quality system certification.The company mainly developing, producing all types of crushing, screening, grinding, washing, feeding, transportation machinery and cement equipment, artificial ball mill aggregate processing equipment.7 × 24 hours of free customer service phone (400-066-3090) call can be learned that the price of the crusher, sand making price. This article reproduced from the prosperous Heavy Fly Ash Dryer the Yu Dong original, please specify: The address of this article is: / News-1195.html on a: a staff and a race against time: the subsites PR value rose to return at a glance the dominance of ball mill: jaw crusher:

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