XingBang jaw crusher in industry vitality again

XingBang jaw crusher in industry vitality againstaff time race The staff race against time to make the country prosperous heavy industry since its inception, the staff keep, disciplined, never occurred in the case of breach of discipline.Employees as a ho, and effort you want to maintain this fine tradition. The small D is an ordinary employee of the company's usual, he early came to the company, full of energy to start the day. And every ordinary person.Today, however, already 8:40 aHe did not to the company, in the end. What has happened. Turned out to be the night before, the small D the day before the review of the company to arrange for residence of the class content.Employees the day before the company carried out a training to the staff who taught Rotary kiln a variety of skills expertise, in the face of the stone when the machine select different power required for the various transmission components with belt conveyor, crusher installation placed notes, the right to communicate with customers and so on.Teach more content, the small D do not think all the digestion, so he asked the teacher to come to the information ppt Fly ash block machinery what with home review, unconsciously watched entranced, the time over too long.He has been asleep 2:00.Too sleepy in the morning and did not wake up. Is Leiwei since the establishment of late there have been? Time is past, arrived at 8:55.The small D also did not occur.The air was filled with a solemn atmosphere.Colleagues are nervous staring at the door, tick, tick, thump, thump, tick, thump, heart beating, and the second sound feel mixed as a whole, did not come out in the end-second voice is the voice of the heart beat.Front mm feel responsible for attendance Fly Ash Dryer has been ready for the register of members of the general manager of the eyebrows wrinkled up, feeling slightly impatient. 59 minutes!Distance has only one minute late, the air seems to have crystallized into a solid feel on his forehead of sweat has been to take out, obviously in the cold of the air conditioning blowing, but still could not stop the sweat to continue to emerge. 10 seconds 20 seconds 35 seconds!Soon be too late! 37!39!40!A shadow suddenly flashed out, a small D,He went to!Late before 9 o'clock, he went to the company. Small D breathless speechless, hair and the back has been soaked, all the sweat.He actually can not wait for the elevator to run the stairs up.Colleagues to send the breath, the general manager is also satisfied smile front MM to attendance. Punctuality, integrity, spirit. . Prosperous heavy industry to ball mill discuss business, prosperous Heavy modern high-tech enterprise specializing in R & D and manufacture of large-scale crushing and screening equipment.The company has passed ISO9001: 2000 international quality system certification.The company mainly developing, producing all types of crushing, screening, grinding, washing, feeding, transportation machinery and cement equipment, artificial aggregate processing equipment.7 × 24 hours of free customer service phone (400-066-3090) call can be learned that the price of the crusher, sand making price. This article is reproduced by the prosperous Heavy Yu Dong original please specify: The address of this article is: / News-1196.html on one: the crusher in the direction of development in the cement industry and think about the next one: Employee collective training to return at a glance ball mill: Rotary kiln:

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