Louis Vuitton Dentelle Kristen Bag – A Symbol of Romance and Elegance

To be honest, I fell for this Louis Vuitton Dentelle Kristen bag not only for its chic and delicate design, but also the inspiration of creating this bag. This bag was designed by Marc Jacobs, who names after Kristen Dunst to pay homage to her for its striking performance in Marie Antoinette. I really loved this girl when I happened to see a photo of her street style. She always looks so adorable and amazing with her personal wearing style. Like the charming lady, this Louis Vuitton Dentelle Kristen bag is a symbol of romance and elegance. After the mess that Louis Vuitton Tribute Patchwork Bag made all over the world, Louis Vuitton was trying to redeem itself with more special version bags, which the brand expected to firm their status of leading designer bag manufacturer. This is where the Louis Vuitton Dentelle line comes into play, and the item attracted people's attention as the lace underwear line. The Dentelle line itself comes with the 18th century inspired lace look. It is subtle and exquisite and remains all the timeless and chi features of the past fashion moment. Made from caramel leather trim and chunky textured gold-tone hardware, you don't have to its durability and practicality. The bag in such a small size is all-match for any outfit and occasion. Therefore, it is a must-have addition to the wardrobe in the heart of many designer handbag collectors. Sold at a hefty price tag, it is not a piece for everyone. For budget conscious individuals, we can also experience the gorgeous vintage style from the Louis Vuitton replica handbags available online. With enough patience, it is not a hard thing for you to pick out of high quality replica designer bags from the crowd.  Louis vuitton fashion house is one of the most popular fashion houses across the globe. This fashion house has been in existence since 1854. Some of the products produced by Louis vuitton fashion house include trunks, watches, shoes, leather goods, sunglasses, accessories, jewelry in addition to Louis vuitton handbags. Louis vuitton handbags are very attractive and outstanding among other brands. Louis vuitton handbags are very unique in shape and A1 quality. Besides, Louis vuitton handbags are purposely designed for both men and women of high class in the fashion trend. There are various types of Louis vuitton handbags across the globe. Most of the customers have been trying to find out the secret behind the quality of Louis vuitton handbags which has caused both men and women sought after such brand product. Louis vuitton handbags are luxurious and are made available in various luxurious stores and shopping malls. They are well recognized for their novelty and very fantastic. They are made from leather of highest quality. For this reason, Louis vuitton fashion house is well honored. The handbags are fireproof and waterproof. It is very difficult to find shoulder bag or waist bag of fireproof type. Louis vuitton fashion house is the only company that has made provision for fireproof handbags when compared with other brand products. Having Louis vuitton handbags in your wardrobe even without using it, makes you feel comfortable and well satisfied. They are used for both casual and occasional. It is indeed a multipurpose.

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