The flooring shipped home in the must place

Most brand flooring warehouse is no heating equipment, the timber in which there will be cold shrink phenomenon. Therefore, when the floor it home in the must place a day or two, the timber adapted to the temperature of the home, then flooring. This does not produce a temperature difference is too large to cause deformation of the floor, cracking phenomenon occurred. Wood plastic swimming pool deck

Reporter has contacted a number of decoration designers, they told reporters, winter decoration can be carried out, but owners must require renovation strict construction process, otherwise it will be difficult to guarantee the quality.

● decoration should ensure that the room temperature

Winter construction may face problems, the designer Yao Bin told reporters: "one of the most important precondition for winter construction, indoor temperature remains above zero on the 5 Celsium degrees which would significantly affect the quality of construction." He told reporters, do not advocate the electricity plus warm equipment for decoration, because this is very easy to suddenly reduce the indoor temperature at night, resulting in the construction quality problems.

Interior decoration like ceiling, background wall, interior decorations, etc., must be a lot of use of decoration glue some special parts may also use a lot of glue. If the temperature is too low, even if the glue did not fail, still bonding role, but do it slower, in addition to affecting the construction process, the chemical composition of the gel containing done slowly slowly on the loose, it will affect the quality of indoor air in the living. Outdoor wood plastic floor

● cement should add antifreeze

After mixing cement, once the cold winter construction is likely to lapse. In addition, more serious, has posted a good brick, when the temperature dips, it will seriously affect the strength of cement, so the quality of the project is threatened. And low temperatures will lengthen cement solidification time Lee in duration.

Yao Bin, suggestions, construction in winter, it is best to cement add antifreeze to protect the quality of construction. Terrace tiling, but also add a layer of exterior insulation material covering, do a double insurance. The painting should pay attention to the indoor temperature, let dry film-forming layer of paint and then brush the second time. Yao Bin said.

● floor to be placed a day or two

Yao Bin told reporters the most brand flooring warehouse heating equipment, the timber in which there will be Lengsu phenomenon. The flooring shipped home in the must place a couple of days, so that the timber adapted to house temperature before beginning the flooring so as not to produce excessive temperature difference caused by the deformation of the floor, cracking phenomenon occurred. winter flooring should also be noted that the gaps remain too bigger to prevent summer that may arise. " hot inflation "hidden. wood plastic composite supplier

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