The rights difficult than the development of new products

Many industries, due to the low barriers to entry, a very serious problem of imitation in the flooring industry, many in the industry with anyone distressed flooring industry too weak awareness of intellectual property, the market is too confusing. However, from the years of the show can be seen, this phenomenon is taking place is not small change, the major brands to protect their own interests through different means. Wood plastic composite panel

The flooring industry replica rife Rights of Way lopsided

The lack of technical barriers to bring industry injury

Due to lack of technical barriers to innovation difficult to imitate the fast, great harm to the flooring industry, imitation has become the flooring industry can not erase the pain. In a recent exhibition, refused to strictly enforce the photographs become a major highlight of the home building materials industry activist. Throughout the exhibition, almost all of the manufacturers are not allowed to take photographs, many more manufacturers declined to take pictures of the prompt card prominently marked. One exhibitor said: "In fact, doing so is forced previous participants, was to shoot also shot, but soon found their own products, re-appeared on the market a little face-lift, and very fast some even as long as ten days, imitation goods can occur. Recycled Wood plastic composite deck

Microscopic new true colors

Almost the majority of the flooring manufacturers to participate in the exhibition will be the intention of customers said: "If you are interested in, you can go to the factory to visit, the factory has more new products." Exhibition also parked outside a large number of vehicles ready to pick the intention of customers. A company official said: "enterprise to do so is compelling, is not easy to develop a new you, but replica simple and exhibitors just manufacturers a voice to the outside world, so here, but basically all of the manufacturers have larger than this booth much of the exhibition hall, where the real display design boutique. "

Manufacturers do export market more professional playing under the banner of receiving foreign dignitaries only, although the site was once the domestic customer dissatisfaction, but the manufacturers insisted that discrimination does not mean domestic customers, but a protection to the product only.

The rights difficult than the development of new products

Many years ago, China has been the home building materials industry issued a related product protection policy, then the industry is how to treat it `2; person in charge of an enterprise, said:" Although relevant policies, but actually implemented very difficult. According to regulations, the similarity more than 70%, can be identified as imitation, but in fact, the other change, such as color, such as decoration, so the infringement defined and sometimes very difficult, so more manufacturers are willing to to spend a lot of their time in the research and development of new products. " wood plastic composite supplier

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