Cost control requires full participation

Not just the huge economic benefits brought about by the rapid development of Chinese flooring industry behind, followed by pressure produced by the industry. Raw material prices, increased personnel costs and other factors resulting in production costs continue to increase, the flooring manufacturer's profits continue to be "squeezed", which is a lot of flooring companies are facing a major problem. Then Zenmeyangzuo to ensure that the quality of the same case, the flooring enterprise from low profit or even negative profit rescue it? Planned implementation of cost control. Outdoor deck

Floor corporate cost control needs to proceed from the details

Cost control related to corporate strategy. There is no such understanding is to distinguish between the strength of the awareness of a flooring business costs touchstone. Depend for their success is cost control key. Many of putting the cart before the phenomenon in the flooring business management, one of the most prominent to the number of cost control. Lot of flooring companies in the reimbursement issue strict control, strict to no point to be added! Never only employees less reimbursement, enterprises pay more to happen. The boss secretly proud: I am looking for what a good housekeeper! Was angry resignation because reimbursement injustice, chopped three days after the chief financial officer of arm. Unfortunately, not cut down the cost, the boss would also like to pay high medical expenses and compensation costs.

Cost control is undoubtedly to pay attention to details. What details should be concerned about?, And which can be ignored? This is a very important problem. Otherwise, there will be "picked sesame foolish phenomenon. Cost control to be concerned about the humble little things also focus on business development event This is no contradiction. Of course, no easy task.

Cost control requires full participation, participation pegged to detail, focus on trivial things. Not waste a piece of paper, do not waste a drop of oil to hand to turn off the lights, electricity, water switch at any time to remind user can take advantage of old things, increase the return on the recommendations made at any time to reduce spending ...... everyone eliminate waste, over time is a substantial amount gains. outdoor floor

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