Bamboo flooring has good prospects

Bamboo flooring lack of publicity Market awareness low

Bamboo products are also more common in our lives, such as bamboo mat, bamboo cutting boards. Review Over the last decade, the development of bamboo flooring, bamboo flooring in China exuberant production, but in the country but in the eyes of consumers, bamboo flooring is still very strange.

Flooring exhibition in Shanghai in March last year, a lot of people are very surprised: bamboo can do on the floor, and even bamboo flooring imitation wood grain texture! A large village of bamboo flooring Xi'an dealer told reporters, many consumers of bamboo flooring is very strange, worried that the bamboo is easy to crack and deformation, so only out of curiosity for bamboo flooring really purchased willing to try few consumers bamboo flooring, still need businesses continue to guide and brand.

The Bamboo Forest Industry Association Professional Committee of Deputy Secretary-General Zhang Qin Korea, bamboo flooring technology national standards, there are a lot of big brands. Bamboo flooring is embarrassing, she mainly because more sold abroad early bamboo flooring, manufacturers ignored the domestic market due to Although the past two years, began to expand the domestic propaganda. Product quality, she said, a lot of bamboo flooring are exported abroad, and quality assurance.

The industry does not regulate the bamboo flooring face both inside and outside the industry embarrassing

According to a bamboo flooring brand dealers, bamboo flooring, the market price of about 200 yuan / square meter, more personalized wallboard price. Bamboo cool in summer and warm in winter, its wear resistance is relatively good, feel good, in line with our after-sales, I think to buy a bamboo flooring is much higher than the cost-effective to buy solid wood flooring than laminate flooring to be durable, environmentally friendly, low-carbon. "

The dealer also points to the embarrassing situation of the bamboo flooring market, bamboo flooring due process reasons priced higher than laminate flooring, lower than that of solid wood flooring are doing bamboo flooring dealer did not do to strengthen the flooring, solid wood flooring dealer consumers to home stores see mostly to strengthen or solid wood flooring, bamboo flooring. example, a store has 10 floors merchant, 8 do solid wood or wood composite floor, they may speak with consumers , bamboo flooring is not good, and misleading to the consumer. "

Insiders told reporters bamboo flooring industry is not up to standard, the bamboo flooring industry has formed a number of brands, mainly in Jiangxi, Zhejiang and other places, this segment of the competition is quite fierce price war between the brand makes the enterprise may not reduce production costs, to the neglect of the product quality and branding. Bamboo flooring has good prospects for development, in line with the concept of low-carbon environmental protection and sustainable development, bamboo flooring companies and businesses should increase media propaganda and popularization efforts to allow more consumers to accept the idea of ​​green consumerism.

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