Consumers choose to warm the floor

Winter season, the average family in preparation for the winter heating facilities. Flooring businesses clockwise launched a variety of ground-floor heating, but the enterprise consumer groups still doubt. In Korea more than 90% of urban households have installed floor heating, floor heating can be said is a very high penetration of home improvement options. But in China, to warm more considered a luxury of home - a few years ago, may only colder northern areas consumers to consider. However, with the rise to warm, the South also gradually became popular use warm.

To warm the floor level of consumers understand

In industry collective efforts to promote, a sample survey Nearly nine out crowd consider installation to warm the floor. This is an amazing number. However, 70% of consumers just heard of the concept to warm the floor, but do not understand its strengths and weaknesses and focus of purchase. This will cause the installation and aftermarket many problems. Also for the promotion of the ground-floor heating market potential problems. Grainstore treasure super wear-resistant multi-layer parquet to warm the floor, its ultra wear, stable performance, double-patent technology solid wood multi-layer technology, high temperature carbonization panel heating does not crack, heat-resistant, wear-resistant, fire-resistant, stain , resistant to moisture, etc., suitable for use as a ground-floor heating.

Consumer concern to warm the floor. Most worried about the price

In the survey, consumers are most concerned about is to warm the floor price, the eyes of consumers, to warm the floor is still a luxury. Floor heating costs higher prices rather than choose to warm the floor; worry about the cost of the users use to warm the floor also. Prices, consumers are most worried about the factors. Two northwest and northern cold regions do not even have the East China and South China region popular is also affected. Order to repay consumers a better experience the Grainstore treasure to warm, spring-like winter to create a comfortable space for the majority of consumers in organizing the fourth the Grainstore treasure International to warm the Festival and the First Chinese the Grainstore treasure BRAVO to warm a model project, the highest international first buildings to warm professional manufacturing service provider, online and unify the country under the retail price, you absolutely deserve!

To warm the floor advantage exists, but the market is not optimistic

Although only less than 5% of the crowd heard warm floor. But consumers still doubt whether installed to warm the floor. Main reason besides the price, air conditioning, long-term mainstream; to warm regional restrictions; clear the home improvement market prospects for the three major stumbling block to limit the driving range in the market. Maintenance, safety, service and other long-standing problem is still shrouded in the flooring market. Consumers choose to warm the floor three hearts at ease. Consumers nearly 90% worry about these problems, industry issues is an indisputable fact. Grainstore treasure to provide you with quality after sales service, starting from the point of view of the protection of resources and the environment and human sciences of heating, the floor used to warm the installation combine, fully embodies the business philosophy of conservation, environmental protection, science will industry and consumers to bring a new round of attacks, and experience, to bring more value to the industry and consumers, to bring a new contribution to the development of the industry!

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