Hollow WPC outdoor decking

Insiders explicitly pointed out: in the home improvement industry services, consumer dissatisfaction with service issues accounted for nearly Bacheng ratio, superior brand of service for consumers in the domestic home improvement consumer market, recently launched by the well-known media forum The primary factor when purchasing products. With the flooring industry price competition to service competition transition, corporate brand awareness of service has given increasing attention.

One of the drafters of the pavement of national standards as a wooden floor, living at home have a more profound understanding of the flooring service. In addition to the the flooring sector "third quality, seven pavement consensus, living at home in the pavement services, establish a broader service system for the company's product development, production, sales, logistics, shop installed, information feedback and after-sales service processes.

Living at home will be "clean" as decoration owners concerned about one of the important issues, the introduction of the the CONCIERGE core subject. Advocate in the country in 2006, the concept of dust-free pavement to five years of practice and improvement, living at home clean pavement has achieved the full standard operation procedures. In addition to the use of advanced cutting tools, living at home also put forward the concept of the whole process of dust-free to ensure that the home environment is clean of pre-and post-installation.

Installation workers in order to reduce costs, many domestic flooring businesses are the temporary installation of the road team in the labor market got due to lack of expertise floor and installation skills, often lead to the pavement quality problems. Install the main drafting unit of the national standards as a wooden floor, living at home to launch a service teacher certification system, to enhance the professionalism of the installation team and professional level, to ensure the quality of the flooring installation. Since 2007, living at home began to organize CONCIERGE Training Camp, in batches of national distributors and front-line service staff related concepts, knowledge, norms, standards and skills training, to enhance the marketing terminal services awareness, skills and service levels. Only those subjects standards of service personnel to through "service divisions certification.

Life company official said: "service teacher certification system implementation, upgrade means living home service concept as the core product to the consumer demand for the core, will bring more services for consumers and service interests. "

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