Logistical systems as an important part at transport agency

Presently the economy serves as the difficult mechanism which consists from various industrial, trading, financial, and also the information systems which interaction is directed on satisfaction of consumers in the goods and services. And for management of such mechanism new scientific concepts among which on the first place there is a logistical concept are necessary. The logistics is a science which studies problems of management of material streams in their economic, organizational, financial, information, and also technical aspects. It is necessary to notice also that as object of studying and management in this science such processes of goods turnover as acquisition of material resources and the goods, sale of finished goods, delivery and regulation of material stocks that as a result creates logistical systems act. Currently the transport logistics is a separate direction on the organization of deliveries of various cargoes, optimization of using by transport, control over transportations, distribution of cargoes, prevention of probable errors, reduction of expenses on transport, and also order dates of performance. By means of transport logistics it is convenient to carry out control on distribution of cargoes for motor transport, qualitative and timely execution of orders for delivery both in a way, and after arrival on a warehouse of the buyer. So, by this time the logistics covers an extensive spectrum of problems. Currently scientists are introducing logistical principles and methods in management of various topics such as production efficiency, supply and realization raises, service of firms and the population improves. Finally the logistics helps to adjust every possible transportations, accounts, and storage so that on-maximum to minimize costs and simultaneously to increase the enterprise income. The logistics is the most perspective among sciences which is engaged in rational management of streams of the information and resources. Besides, the logistics is simply necessary at realization of cargo deliveries, and its application is an indicator of economic efficiency of the company. Thus it would be desirable to add that interest to logistics is caused by necessity of development of economy and business, considerable volumes of freight traffic. The requirement has especially increased when the offer began to exceed the typical demands so many companies have started to reflect also on importance of sales promotion, first of all, at the expense of decrease in transport and warehouse costs. Summing up, it is necessary to notice that for contemporary principles of the organization and management which are constructed on innovative approaches and ways of thinking are united by one general concept "logistics". The given science even more often and with tremendous success is put into practice in effectively working enterprises and transport firms.

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