Prices lead to controversy floor

When everyone is busy preparing for the New Year, flooring and other home building materials industry to the forgotten, many floor home brand began to receive notice of price increases, we knew it "off-season prices, peak season sales floor" has become a marketing strategy and other home industry. Recycled Wood plastic composite deck

New Year nearly flooring store desolate

From the National Bureau of Statistics recently released December 2012 total retail sales of social consumer goods data "point of view, flooring and other construction and decoration materials and furniture industry prices topped the list. Furniture, an increase of 32.4% year-on-year in December, an increase of 23.3%, construction and decoration materials. Reporters in Xicheng several floor home store to see, and the National Day, New Year's Day when the lively promotion here, stores are deserted, not a few customers. "At the end of the sales season, workers leave the public busy buy stocking, very few people come to see the floor." Of a flooring store salesman told reporters. It is understood that, because many manufacturers of flooring and other home workers holiday back home, even if the order, but also to years to billing, plus a production period of a month or two to really get on the floor to get three or four months.

Unwittingly floor prices crept upward

In a well-known home store, the sales staff told reporters that a Panmunjom floor prices this year is a foregone conclusion. "Our factory in Guangdong, because of rising raw material prices, a few days ago, we have received the notice of the rise in prices, headquarters say about upwards to 15%, but by the end of the difficult business environment, manufacturers also depressed profit margins, the actual only rise about 5%. reporter in the shop also see Special floor there are only two old models.

In addition to the re-pricing revoke discounts also become a disguised form of price increases. Panmunjom in another manner, all solid wood flooring in more than 300 yuan. A kind of people are watching obviously can not accept such a change: "I remember six months ago, the brand of a solid wood floor price is 246, but now with a price has become 318 a clerk explained: manufacturers transform sales methods, and now this is the cost, after all this price will not discount activities. Can send you a small gift or sweepstakes. "Only prices did not decline in value before prices can no longer buy do not buy now, after going up."

Prices lead to controversy floor enterprise is a last resort

According to insiders, flooring and other home prices in the New Year because: raw materials and labor costs rose. Wage increase from 1500-2000 yuan, some salespeople are back home, come back years later might also pushed up wages, even some salesman said 2500 will not do. Especially sales of high-end flooring specifically provided to the villa-level home store salesman, has 2500 base salary, commission another operator. "In addition, the raw materials such as lumber, hardware, paint and coatings in the price, and factory workers, store sales staff, installation and distribution workers wages also are up.

In the situation as prices continue to rise and cause consumer dissatisfaction Marketing: sales staff still have to order early to prevent after-year prices. "First deposit to pay the delivery time you casually given so even if prices go up, we will help you to order according to the old price."

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