2013 China International Floor Materials

2013 China International Floor Materials and Pavement Technology Exhibition can be said to bring exhibitors many surprises. In the current economic downturn, buyers, traders or investors may be more conservative and difficult large as to become a major concern of many exhibitors, the exhibition site, however, this concern been the scene warm atmosphere swept away empty . On the international front, overseas visitors reached the highest previous level, a total of 11,379 overseas visitors from 106 countries and regions come to visit, or 14%, of which as many as 15 new countries, is worth mentioning is "the BRIC BRIC Russia and India audience or alarming, 38.7% and 17.1%, respectively. Externally oriented bamboo and cork flooring enterprises of overseas visitors this year, the quality and quantity of expressed satisfaction, Dasso, the bamboo, Yong Lin, Yun-sheng and Jianuo enterprises clamoring to get set last booth at the show site. Domestic front, the domestic market increasingly become the focus of major companies, floor or carpet, flexible flooring companies have positive comments that the exhibition for its domestic business expansion effect significant, "Pune degrees" total brandmanagers emotion to reason why the quality and quantity of the domestic audience: "did not think the audience at this year's show so much, well worth mentioning that this year, our on-site receiving the order, which is rare in other exhibition."a major breakthrough, thanks to the organizers for the second and third tier markets in the past year "intensive", in particular, focus on market development in the North, in conversation with "Bell the floor" marketing late Kay, general manager of Mr. evidenced "this year we really feel the domestic audience organization done than ever, especially in the northern region of the northeast, northwest intention of customers, which is also consistent with the direction of our expansion effect this year, so we are very satisfied. " Not only that, successfully build a mature foreign trade, domestic sales platform at the same time, concerned about the market, attention to design groups, held at the same application activities in the field of warehousing and logistics forum and Shanghai International Congress of Architects, the success of the show attracted including logistics real estate giant ProLogis , the apparel industry leading Metersbonwe, including more than 240 owner, engineering and construction company, the relevant person in charge of the project management company, more Chinese Academy of Engineering, Cheng Taining, Cui Kai, the Pritzker jury Zhang and other buildings industry dean gurus like to visit the site, attracted many architects designers are attracted to, gathered at a. These activities will be held successfully integrated into the exhibition industry upstream resources to build vertical business platform to help enterprises to improve the added value of exhibitors! Power Dekor Group is the full use of this platform, held at the same Dekor Designers Club, designers, home improvement companies and industry media attention, the scene bursting with popularity, significantly enhance the participation effect! On-site service to humanity, to enhance the visitors experience - Branch graphical navigation manual issued, electronic journal APP free downloads, site clear zoning notices, the provision of additional on-site open area, functional area free WiFi coverageclosed before departure warm water supply services, and the establishment of the interactive part of the game, reflects the organizers put the visitors experience first concept to improve the efficiency of the concept of development, to provide more personalized service to make your visit Provincetime and effort, efficient and convenient.

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