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The flooring industry pointed out that the current flooring industry, there is no any product completely clear mimic the behavior of this industry. Flooring industry several epoch-making product, without exception, the business people crazy counterfeiting. The flooring industry imitate become more and more rampant: original product within two weeks, imitate the products have been in the hall of others, so that consumers can not tell which is counterfeit, Which is the original, which makes the original enterprise injured. In addition to the original product, the most terrible is that product prices, product reputation, product sales, and many other factors all be plagiarism counterfeit products, resulting in the original enterprises not only deprived of return, but also for others in huge profits . Flooring industry "strange" like product to imitate the most rampant In fact, the counterfeit is not a fool, not to counterfeit all new products. Counterfeit business is to turn a blind eye for tepid products on the market, but if the product becomes favorable for consumers, the counterfeit enterprise crazy influx. "Twin brother" to describe the most appropriate It is reported that the counterfeit products of other industries, if you look closely and carefully compared, you can tell this is true or false, but the the floor industry of counterfeit products differ materially from counterfeit products and other industries. It was reported that sink in submarine Titanic salvage a Louis Vuitton luggage, the interior of the suitcase did watertight, inside the clothes still beautiful as new. If it were cottage products, the clothes inside the suitcase believe has long been soaked in seawater nearly a hundred years. In the flooring industry, the situation is not the case. There is no significant difference of the flooring industry imitation suit genuine, life length, the quality of the product is almost the same. Industry sources said that imitation, "cottage" and other words used in flooring products are not very accurate, "twin brother" to describe more appropriate. This is the flooring industry's peculiarities are inseparable, the floor of the production equipment and raw materials are provided by the upstream several machinery and equipment and color glaze enterprises, the level of production technology and quality of raw materials is not much difference, and the product color and style through the formulation of flooring materials blend of serious homogenization of products. "Floor in the field of technological innovation, like layers of paper," a senior floor engineers, from a professional point of view "inorganic material formulations, the instrument can be accurately detected the raw material of the flooring products industry are familiar with its composition." Product profit margins have been squeezed There is a strange phenomenon in the flooring industry, a business alone is difficult to launch new products in the industry, the breakthroughs, new products requires many businesses to promote in order to form the wind trend in the industry. Although the floor enterprise product innovation in the tide of counterfeit victims, but these companies are also beneficiaries. Victims product profit margins have been squeezed, but benefit from the sales of the products has been greatly improved. A Brand Marketing Director Wang Yong, others in your product counterfeiting, to prove that your product well, excellent product quality, another angle to think about, others imitate your product in disguise helped a promotional products role in promoting sales. Also said that the current competition in the flooring business from the development of competition to competition in the provision of services, service differentiation is the core of competition, as long as do the service, innovative products profit margins the same will not be counterfeit by much of a squeeze.

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