Flooring industry e-commerce model

Because of the increasingly fierce competition in the terminal stores, product homogenization of serious, brand awareness is low, the efficiency of enterprises is getting worse, some flooring companies, brand dealers have tested the water and electricity suppliers mode, trying to consolidation in the fierce competition among more resources, better platform of communication efforts to break through the terminal marketing dilemma. Flooring industry e-commerce model is established in the major online store online stores, such as Taobao, Taobao Mall, Jingdong, relying on its platform advantage, with its strong customer resources, maximize publicity, marketing effectiveness . Taobao, Taobao home improvement turnover of the main material of the second quarter of 2011 year-on-year increase of 154% year-on-year increase of 250%; bedding turnover; residential furniture turnover year-on-year increase of 212%. More amazing growth data from Taobao Mall, home improvement main material, bedding, furniture residential growth rate of these three products are 430%, 530%, 560%, respectively. The annual trade volume of China's home market of nearly one trillion yuan, but to transactions entered into through the e-commerce platform, but only 1% of the total market space is very large. The other which is the enterprise established directly under the company's online store, relying on the advantages of self-built platform, has introduced products, expand communication efforts to integrate more resources, enhance brand awareness at the same time. However, this type of online shops and corporate propaganda Contact relatively large, rely on the enterprises themselves its publicity campaign so that consumers can know the existence of this channel, rather than Taobao, Jingdong as strong customer traffic, brand the exposure is also high. The reason why many consumers interested in online shopping, in addition to the selection of goods can be delivered to your door, the most important is cheap, which is the biggest advantage of online shopping. The price of the part of the online store home improvement products were compared to the prices of many products online are cheaper than the market price of the store more than 20%, some even up to 50%, the discount rate is really difficult for consumers to not touch the wallet. However, electricity providers, operators also need a huge capital investment, the discount of such efforts, making its turnover under great pressure, some online shopping website at a loss for a long time, Dangdang in the second quarter loss of $ 1.2 billion. Become dominant at the same time, the price of online shopping has also become its disadvantages. This is after Jingdong, Gome, Suning three companies set off the biggest reason for the net purchase price war, long-term losses, homogeneous competition, profits lead to "0". And such a big discount, often a direct impact on the domestic industry, the original store sales channels, resulting in a conflict of interest between businesses and enterprises. Flooring industry marketing model is the traditional dealer system electronic mall model is in conflict with the traditional dealer model. The traditional model, the investment when enterprises to ensure that dealers have an exclusive rights, in order to ensure their interests. Once the online store opened as a separate channel to sell products, the country's consumers are shopping online, this is certainly infringe the interests of dealers in the line. In addition, a larger problem is the price. A business online sales platform, then the easiest and most direct method to attract consumers online purchase is the price. , Would certainly violate the line of dealers, distributors their interests, they certainly will voice their opinions, because such behavior disrupted the market price, disrupting the balance system between companies and distributors. The practices of the industry to solve this problem, one development line monopoly distinction between online and offline products; Second, is dedicated to creating an online shopping brand only sold online, do not go offline channel. However, the ensuing problem is that the customer experience, logistics and after-sales service. How to solve these problems? The only flooring online store solutions, for example, they asked the chain business model, Headquarters + Partner + franchisees, tripartite cooperation, terminal sales profits divided into tripartite, national uniform price. This can solve the conflict of interest with the dealer.

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