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In the afternoon of March 30, 2013, soon warm excellent warm home smart heating floor conference 2013 brand strategy from Zhejiang and major mainstream media, industry partners and Zhejiang Huanglong Road No. 9 Jiahai Hotel Customs lecture hall, a grand meeting 500 dealers and more people are invited to attend. The conference is sponsored by the new trend. Fast warm excellent the warm home Hangzhou brand strategy conference a grand meeting, will lead the heating industry into the era of fast warm also marks the the excellent warm house brand built chain terminal cover most of the country more step further, understand, Zhejiang points The company is the fourth direct branches the Shanghai new trend in the country established excellent warm home brand this year will be laid out in the capital city of the country's 15 science and technology of the 20 standard heating museum experience. At the meeting, the new trend CEO Liu Dong corporate brand development history of introduction, and fast warm excellent warm home intelligent heating floor to warm the first national brand in the development of the strategic plan of Zhejiang detailed planning. That The excellent warm home to become the first brand of the heating industry, to achieve this goal, the company must continue to pursue innovation, science and technology leader, to develop better products to meet customer demand; same time, the company needs to develop more partners promote the popularity of the first to experience the buy mode, so that more people feel the magic fast to warm excellent warm home heating effect. Fast warm excellent warm home the intelligent heating floor heating industry as a global technology leader in ready-to-use, quick to install; instant hot, fever, and is known as the fastest to warm, that shop. After many years of research and development of high-tech to warm finally built the floor quickly warm excellent warm house research team achieve warm floor is fully integrated, to warm the floor combo. Fast warm excellent warm home floor price "to warm floor" spend the same money to buy different products at the same time can bring people healthy and environmentally friendly energy-saving heating methods. From fast warm excellent warm home market in 2005, first used in the aviation field, the field of saloon cars, luxury villas, private clubs and other places, and since 2007 has a large area of ​​installation and testing of hundreds of thousands of square meters, after several times to upgrade products and updating soon warm warm home the intelligent heating floor quality is getting more sophisticated and user acclaim! And in 2012 by Shanghai high-tech achievement transformation project awards. The laboratory high strength aging experiments confirmed, the excellent warm house core components can be easily achieved steady work for 30 years. Fast as to warm excellent warm home has high-tech core patent: the advanced the thermal conversion conduction technology, electric conversion rates as high as 98% or more, you can start to achieve low power, intelligent inverter technology first used in heating floor control output when the room reaches the set temperature, intelligent inverter technology to reduce power, keep the indoor temperature, but also energy saving. Comparison with conventional heating methods, energy saving up to 40% -70%, lower utility costs, and truly with the province is better to use the province. Fast warm www. Excellent warm home com one-touch intelligent operation of the program, children and senior citizens can easily operation. Intelligent temperature control technology can achieve sub-periods / sub-regional, regularly targeted control, heating arbitrary, arbitrary selection switch at any time to avoid the traditional warm load energy consumption, easy energy saving. Fast warm excellent warm home to take far-infrared heating technology, not only warm, more family health care, the elderly and children in particular need!

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