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Just past the "May Day" Golden Week, the floor home industry as the "barometer", 90% of the store said the year-on-year sales rose about 30%, a small number of businesses is to achieve the best operating level in the past five years. Stringent market regulation policy arrived not stop the home market in the footsteps of the rigid demand, just past the 51 small holiday, Kunming flow of the mainstream home stores still concentrated outbreak, many businesses agreed that 2013 will be the flooring market "watershed industry will bid farewell to the downturn and decline over the years, into the development path of the pick up. Reporter recently interviewed a number of building materials city, one floor stores last holiday, said over the flow of people and volume of the mall opened a new record, the follow-up activities still continues, Reporter observed, the audience brand floor has a large concessions site lead to hundreds of onlookers, the scene is very hot. "51" after the end of Golden Week, the reporter interviewed by telephone multiple floors building materials stores, with year-on-year last year, has a greater degree of growth, the majority or 30%, a few more than 50%. A floor brand factory wholesale city sales record transactions, is said to have created a single day millions of record sales. 51 "overall warming of the home market is not accidental. According to the person in charge of a floor, since entering in March of this year onwards, floor building materials market entered a relatively active period. The reason? The businesses generally agreed that the overall recovery of the housing market and the renovation market. By querying the relevant information that reached a peak in the past five years, the volume of the real estate market this year, in March, for example, thousands of hand transaction sets, reached a high point over the past decade hand housing transactions. After April, the Yishoufang turnover tends to be hot, the average daily turnover of more than 200 house, the monthly volume of thousands of sets. Insiders pointed out that after ten years of development, home retail mature, mainly in the prices more transparent, more and more standardized market, the profits of the floor of building materials be rational decline. This is a sign of the market to mature. Which also attracted a lot of decoration consumers to a regular store shopping, prompting traffic to a tremendous growth. In the face of a new round of home consumer market, many flooring brands, a few years ago due to the downturn in the overall market, many home hypermarkets "survival" first place, have stopped market development, lack of life and vitality. Businesses are now reforming understanding of the market, regroup. Vibration because of the introduction of five new countries "policy, the property market in the first half of the home market to bring a certain negative impact on the industry predicted on the floor this year did not affect the market. For the second half of the flooring market, insiders said almost with the same period last year, "the beginning of the year we suspect the flooring market may force in August this year, the market situation is still far from clear, did not see the property market turnover increased significantly."

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