Laminate flooring in raw materials

Because usually frequently stampede, and sometimes suffer bump, scratch engraved "suffering", the wear resistance of the floor has been consumer concerns. Laminate flooring and solid wood flooring, engineered wood flooring wear resistance are very different, flooring manufacturers have to wear resistance as a selling point, consumers should be how to identify and select it? Here is the expert for your ideas. High wear resistance, but the lack of texture laminate flooring: A high degree of wear is one of the outstanding performance of laminate flooring. Professor of the State Forestry Administration of forest products quality inspection center level senior engineer the Fang Chongrong said the wear value is a measure to strengthen the the flooring performance of a necessary indicators. "Laminate floor of the national standard requirements for laminate flooring in the home environment, a level of wear indicators is 5000 rpm or more, two more than 4000 rpm. Fangchong Rong 4000 rpm for ordinary families to meet their basic requirements. Laminate flooring has a special layer of aluminum oxide wear-resistant paper, the content and distribution of aluminum oxide to determine the wear resistance. In general, the wear-resistant layer of aluminum oxide content of the more, the more uniform distribution, the wear resistance of the floor will be relatively better, and these will be reflected in the wear revolution which. Therefore, consumers examine laminate flooring wear resistance, wear rotation can simply check in the test report. Strengthen the floor surface wear layer and a decorative layer, is the use of bionic technology printing paper, compared with wood or wood laminate flooring, laying of its overall effect is not so realistic, the visual effect is more blunt. The ordinary wood: real complex floor wear-resistant and requires careful conservation Laminate flooring in raw materials, structure and process strikingly different, most of the ordinary solid wood flooring, engineered wood flooring paint surface as a surface, wear a lot less than the laminate flooring. Countries for the wear resistance of solid wood, engineered wood flooring is also lower, testing standards and laminate flooring, it is not measured by the number of revolutions. The main advantage of these two types of flooring is comfortable foot feeling and real wood texture. Fangchong Rong for the solid wood flooring, parquet wood texture reflects the more vivid, these two types of flooring usually paint coating to the surface, rather than professional, wear-resistant paper. Solid wood flooring national standard "provisions, lacquer plate surface wear-resistant of ≤ 0.15g/100r is qualified product. Fangchong Rong pointed out, in the pavement great care and attention to maintenance, as long as they are qualified products, the wear resistance of these two types of flooring to meet the needs of ordinary families.

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