Salaried vs. Hourly: Deciding Which is Best?

In an effort to decide which job is right for the economic needs and wants that have arisen, it's important to analyze the differences between being paid by the hour or receiving a salary. Of course, when there is a salary there is no way that payment would not occur. And hourly wages can add up accordingly with the invention of overtime. In some cases an hourly wage can far exceed a salary and vice versa. Salaried vs HourlyLooking at the monetary compensation for a position it's important to note that the wage increases or decreases based on the field. This depends on demand and its counterpart – supply. Escaping a thorough discussion of the principles of economics at this time, an employed person must come to understand what they offer a company and the company must see the ways in which an employee is valuable to the needs of the firm. This is often dictated by the client. For some, there is no hesitation to choose to be a salaried employee where possible. The advantages are a flexible workday, stability, and greater benefits. When compared to the hourly worker there is little flexibility because the worker has to be on the job to earn a living and the hourly worker probably won't receive as large a benefits package as a salaried employee. Seemingly worse conditions that an hourly worker endures just may propel them to pursue higher wages and larger benefits by becoming a salaried employee. This typically happens when the worker gets more education and contributes to the company in more than microscopic terms. Moving up the ladder can happen, but for the sake of necessity it's probably best to work for something other than passable wages. If at the beginning of a career this knowledge is not known, then make up for loss by enacting a plan to create a means of mobility on the job. It would be terrible to live in a stagnant position where, for years, the level of pay is decrepit and lacking.

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