The flooring industry is China’s exports

The flooring industry is China's exports of light industrial products on behalf of the industry, but also "Made in China" one of the main forces to enter the European market. However, being held at the 112th Canton Fair information display, the EU's imminent implementation of new wood products and environmental protection rules may result in the flooring industry new "green threshold" China's flooring industry exports under the impact. The good news is that many Chinese flooring enterprises are upgraded through the transition and the introduction of high-tech cross this threshold. In the eyes of many flooring companies, green, environmentally friendly products to be able to allow enterprises to obtain long-term competitiveness in the future, to increase the share of exports of environmental protection, low-carbon products will become an important means for China to adjust the structure of export commodities, and enhance competitiveness in international markets. Guangdong is China's furniture export center. From the Guangzhou Customs statistics show that in the first three quarters of this year, Guangdong exported furniture and parts thereof 11.35 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 4.7%. September, Guangdong furniture exports to $ 1.4 billion, an increase of 22.8%. China Light Industry Association, vice president Li Wenfeng an interview with reporters, also said Nationally, total furniture exports year-on-year increase of 30%. Although the data began to change for the better, but many will still feel the cold floor. "This year the number of buyers of the museum more than expected, but a lot of people after the consultation, before deciding whether to say to wait to go back and evaluated the orders." Guangzhou flooring company responsible for the results of the Fair this year my heart is not the end. In addition, there are many flooring companies reflected in this year's trade in the first half of this year, with the frequent business contacts in the company before European customers very seldom orders. Compared with the orders has been cut, Europe and the United States continuously improve the environmental requirements of Chinese furniture and wood products enterprises worse flooring industry suffered the largest impact. Earlier this year, the U.S. Senate passed a "composite wood products formaldehyde Standards Act, and formally implemented on July 1, again reducing the national sales and wholesale wood products formaldehyde release limit. Subsequently, the EU is also in September this year through the wood and wood products regulations and new Ecodesign Directive. " According to this instruction on March 3, 2013 the formal implementation of the enterprise trying to enter the European market, whether in any link in the chain of wood production and processing sales, must be submitted to the origin of the timber, logging States, trees, timber volume and logs Supplier Address confirmed the legitimacy of the basic information of the source of wood, otherwise it will not be sold in the EU market. How to treat related initiatives in Europe and the United States? Some Chinese companies believe that this is a "green trade barriers", the purpose is to protect its industrial competitiveness, reduce such foreign goods entering; more Chinese enterprises, this is more like a "green threshold". Protecting the environment is a shared responsibility of consumers and businesses, adhere to green, environmental philosophy is the global trend. We are producing big country, should bear the social responsibility. I think that enterprises difficult, but more should be on the positive side to look at these directives and initiatives. For Chinese enterprises, Europe and the United States "green threshold pressure is mainly reflected in the philosophy of environmental protection in developed countries in developing countries is still in the catch-up process and incidental costs. "Green barriers" to "green threshold", the words change, to show the change of their notions of the floor. Face of the threshold, many floors enterprises in China has begun to be replaced by raw materials, production process improvement methods such as positive response.

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