the German EGGER floor

Recently, the German EGGER floor in Xi'an held a "German quality European wind EGGER flooring line - Xi'an station activities. The campaign is intended to German-style service system by EGGER flooring professional, to pass the EGGER Germany home culture fashion for the majority of consumers, to beautify public life, health our home! And hit the "true Germany, real imports, real benefits" slogan let consumers benefit from the Xi'an area, so that we experience real benefits to the quality of imports flooring Close to 51 decoration coming season. The "German EGGER flooring in China" special three 2013 new products launched in Xi'an - Wharton ancient oak, "Ba Luomo Ash, Colorado walnut; the Xi'an station is the three new debut; people became the focus of attention and expectation! Relevant person in charge of the German EGGER flooring Sohu focus on home netizens described in detail the meaning and implications of the German EGGER flooring in China "activities, Xi'an consumers more up close understanding and awareness of the" German EGGER flooring in China "for the decoration more personalized, more unique flooring products increased more selective. EGGER the floor beginning of the line station outbreak in Xi'an The German EGGER flooring line, the first stop on Xi'an, Xi'an as a flash point. Xi'an is the ancient city, but the home improvement industry is very space. And a flash point in the upside this year is very large, so EGGER flooring line Xi'an; because we pay more attention to Xi'an resources, and EGGER flooring in Xi'an awareness. The line Xi'an station, we put into the planning, organizational aspects of human and material resources, the EGGER flooring market in Xi'an expanded to allow owners and users can experience EGGER products: not only a high-end products, is also home to a very practical one product. Germany EGGER floor this year is tentatively scheduled contains dozens of cities, Xi'an launched as the first stop of three new floor for pre-sale. Color EGGER flooring classic three: a Walnut Colorado walnut ", a three-mile effect Baluo Mo ash, there is a black series" Wharton ancient oak. Three color cover three different user groups: First Walnut is home to more neutral color, black suit more features.

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