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It is reported that the standard specifies the technical requirements of the parquet production unit product energy consumption per scope of statistics and computational methods, energy management and measures. The standard applies to wood flooring manufacturers unit product energy consumption calculation and assessment, and control of energy consumption on new and expansion projects. Insiders said that if the standard practice, will strengthen the management of the business-to-product energy consumption limits, eliminate or migrate off the production line of high energy consumption. The standard would also provide energy management measures, general equipment used by the enterprises should reach a state of economic operation, the economic operation and management of energy-using equipment shall comply with the provisions of the standard economic operation; annual running time of more than 3000 hours, the load rate greater than 60% of the motors, air compressors, pumps and other general equipment or the general equipment of the new and expanded corporate energy efficiency grade standards in evaluating values ​​of energy or energy efficiency rating requirements in the two. Enterprises should be based on the production process (process) process, installations, facilities and equipment energy consumption situation, develop the implementation plan for energy-saving planning and conservation measures. The standard statistical range of enterprises parquet process for the production of a variety of energy consumption, excluding fuel of heat production and heat; the enterprise actual (production) energy consumption is mainly used for the production system , auxiliary production systems and ancillary production systems, including life with energy and infrastructure projects approved; substandard products not included in the output of finished energy consumption should be included in the overall energy consumption.

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