To promote environmental protection

In recent years, the flooring industry's ever-changing impermanence. "Quality gates" and lack of business integrity problems caused extreme panic of consumers, but also to the already depressed market economy worse. Cohabitation of the market, consumers are worried, worried, step by step startling. In the purchase, how to overcome all difficulties, the selection of green flooring products become the common concerns of the majority of consumers. With the improvement of living standards, environmental pollution has become a sensitive part of everyday life. Indoor Air Pollution is also more and more attention. Interior decoration materials and furniture of the pollution is caused by indoor air pollution main aspects, paint, plywood, planing board, foam padding, interior paint, plastic veneer materials contain formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, ethanol, chloroform and other organic vapors , these substances are quite carcinogenic. Indispensable flooring products as home life, home life closely related to environmental health index. Home improvement, it is necessary to grasp the environmental flooring products, to prevent the environmental pollution caused by the floor. In recent years, the state has worked to promote the standard of decoration materials harmful substances, effectively cracked down on harmful substances exceeding behavior the excessive decoration materials in the market has been limited. Environmental action The feelings of the people, the flooring industry green hurricane blowing. Set a good example of practical action to promote green flooring. To promote environmental protection, we must first self-discipline. Leveled only good green products, will be favored by consumers. Green is not just a slogan, it is a kind of action. Enterprises should put an end to all process and no secondary pollution, and omissions never a part of any of the environmental protection. Fresh and healthy home environment is the pursuit of modern, environmentally friendly green floor is the inevitable choice.

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