Training New Employees Leads to Loyalty (but there may be a disadvantage)

So, the end to the new employee search is visible and the choice of who'll get hired has been narrowed to two potential candidates. The selection process is hard, sometimes stressful, and in some ways it's a gamble. For what it's worth the right choices have been made and the right procedure followed to arrive at the present possibilities. The question that must be answered is whether the new hire will remain in the position if it's offered. Training New EmployeesThe difference between these two job candidates is this, one has moved from job to job never maintaining a presence at any particular firm and the other has remained at one company for a very long time establishing a reputation. The similarity lies in the fact that they are both teachable and willing to work hard as evidenced by previous output. The solution for this quandary is to hire the one who will be loyal. And this is done by training that new hire, teaching company policies, and offering a means of advancement over time. To keep the selected employee away from the grasp of other firms, especially where the worker goes above and beyond the call of duty it's important to offer a way for that employee to increase their skill set thereby further acclimating them to the firm. As always, a smarter employee is beneficial, but improving upon their talents could also be a disadvantage because leaving for another company offering more money for the talents that they acquired just might happen. Many are the benefits of hiring a worker who will improve productivity and remain with the company. Employee loyalty is a positive given the direction the workforce has taken, and improves the way a long term worker is viewed. But the caveat with loyalty is the fact that sometimes all good things must come to an end. In this sense the process starts over if there is a departure and the firm is faced with finding yet another applicant to fill the void.

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