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Recently, in Shanghai at the Third World Conference on the floor, living at home CEO Liu Shuo Zhen said: "living at home, products and services is our advertising." Life from the first stores opened, to the national 1500 the size of the store, word of mouth has played an important role in the development process. Used almost every living at home products have become disseminators of floor living home. Sell ​​themselves, in the era of social media seems to have become a very outdated, but it is upheld by living at home. The cost of advertising and marketing for product research and development, improve service, reduce the expenses of the channels, the true perspective of consumers, the greater the benefits to the consumer, the target for 2013 is living at home. This year, living at home will launch a special life Baroque floor peptide series flooring, zero-formaldehyde industrial Add to become the iconic green flooring products on the market today. And ordinary floor, the most obvious difference is that soybean production biological adhesive instead of the usual chemical glue, truly a zero industrial formaldehyde Add. In order to enable consumers to be able to use as soon as possible on this environmentally friendly peptide floor, floor living home in early April launched a massive unified national marketing campaign. On services, living at home floor, the standard world-class enterprise, the establishment of the project site management and service system and strict paving process and norms. Has developed a "golden key service standards", "clean install enterprise internal control standards" before the national standards or national standards higher than internal control standards. In order to help consumers better, living at home is committed to reducing the costs of marketing and channel links, so that consumers directly about living at home flooring products. Using its unique production technology and production scenarios resources, living at home to create a new concept buy promotional mode. Visit the production line and warehouse, through the organization of consumers to increase their home life processes, products and environmentally friendly intuitive understanding M2C - production line buy and W2C - in the form of Treasury buy ", interaction with consumers, so that consumers like living at home products. This effect is general advertising can not be achieved.

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