Business Ethics: A Social Response

A Social ResponseToo often the perspective of business decisions is based on the activity of the business itself. As a suggestion is doesn't seem as complicated as a foreign language to understand that engaging the community can play well into improving the world of business ethics. Not only are there businessmen to consider, there are also people whose quality of life becomes affected by the decisions of both big and small business. In 2008 the summer Olympics were held in China where it was thought that all people who had a direct link with the games would benefit. This was not the case. Bringing the games to China in fact brought further homelessness to the nation. Residents were forced to move to other places while still others had nowhere to turn. This was a sad state of affairs which did not end with the departure of the Olympians. Governments and businesses become aggressive when there is money to be made. But at what cost do these institutions with hierarchies continue to zap the life of those who can't care for themselves? The answer is easy. Historically speaking, this fact of life will never change. Socially speaking, this and other horrors will continue to chastise the poorest and others who're less fortunate. To be honest, it's a sad state of affairs. Where there are downtrodden, invalid, and homeless there will continue to be public and private recourse. A call to arms against such troubles should be mandated such that the suffering body find adequate remedy. The leaders of tomorrow need learn from the present as well as the past to create systems of justice that prevent hardship. Tough times are a reality now, but they can be fought. It seems like a winning plan to say that the attitude of arrogance of business leaders is a far cry from that which the people of the world are entitled to. This is the life that we live, and given the trials and burdens it's not always elect.

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