Business Etiquette

Growing up people are taught to have manners; it's part of the decorum teachings that most receive at a young age. Hence, manners are expected in other environments as well such as the business world. While seeking a job or gaining promotions at an organization it pays to know and understand the field of etiquette. Business etiquette involves knowing the social and work standards that should be followed in a variety of situations. When interviewing manners matter the most. When a company is looking for new hires they offer interviews to get to know the prospective worker and there are clear cut rules to live by if invited to come in and talk. An interviewer monitors arrival time to see if punctuality is a personal priority of the jobseeker. And remember to take several resumes in case the interview is conducted by more than one decision maker. All jobs require certain skill. Thus, don't forge any data on the resume in terms of abilities or education. It's not a good idea to lie; this could lead to job loss. Business EtiquetteThe dress code matters when hired in nearly all companies. Suits, dresses, and skirts are the attire a professional chooses to wear. This is the going rule except when it's company casual day. But even in this case an employee cannot wear open-toe shoes or t-shirts. It's not only lacking in professionalism, but it is also unsanitary in some situations. The general rule is to dress to impress or show some sort of standing through attire. Another area within the field of etiquette is emailing. There is a certain way to email another professional. For example, it's not a good idea to begin an email with a greeting used for friends. It's also not good to ramble in an email because the reader doesn't have time to spend on searching for the message. When writing an email get to the point and discuss briefly why the email is being written. Also, an email cannot demean other employees. This is not fair and it's not a good practice.

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