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A meeting has been called and it's time to prepare a brief presentation. The best thing to do is to go in ready and get the ball rolling. With the projects completed and teams established it's safe to say that the work up to this point has been deemed acceptable. What's now needed is a progress report of some kind. For this particular meeting the requirements are known and, more or less, it's time to shine. The first thing to do is set up for the presentation. Whether looking for talking time or visuals only, it will be far more beneficial if the arrangements have been made. Don't complicate the issue just stay on top of things. During the meeting there may be excessive questions. This can be overcome even if the answers are not known or are forgotten. Business meetings, remember, are a time for learning in addition to sharing. It's sound to be on time and respectful of other presenters. This will make the transition easier from person to person and for the sake of making a contribution. Having a display works well, but it goes further and says more when the meeting participant is well versed in the art of tact. It may even come to make an impression on the boss. This is well and good where being noticed is followed by pay raises and promotions. When the meeting is over thank the other members for the cooperation. This helps later meetings whereby the other members are willing to go out of their way for any reason. With the right attitude it pays to have others on the same side. This prevents conflict and encourages hard work all of the time. Business meetings need to be on schedule and should always be as productive as possible. With this advice the meeting can go well and finish on a high note. This should be the immediate goal for the sake of the firm. Be prepared and go the distance.

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