Foreign Events and the Impact on Stock Market Prices

Foreign EventsTrends in finances and leadership don't go unnoticed. Events everywhere have an impact on stock market prices as measured by fluctuations and moves. What one nation does seems to have an influence on another nation. Beyond wars and international travel the very basis of what America is rooted in is highly swayed by events and practices overseas. When the King of Jordan passed away several years back the price of oil increased. This leader was appreciated and liked all around the world; and, his departure was monumental to people who knew of him. This example serves to reiterate the point that death, war, and revolutions have a hearty bearing on the States and other places. Granted, coups are not practiced daily, but if they were it would be reasonable to believe that the stock market would indeed react to the news. With the troubles in Greece recently many members of the worlds' economic consortium became concerned that the failings of the Greek economy would lead to a domino effect all over the world. The result of the issues in Greece lead to a brief downturn in other nations, but apparently there is no current depression. Covering the traumas and tragedies it becomes easy to understand how the world marvels and obsesses with such events. And having become focused on traumatic events hitting closer to home it stands to reason that out of fear behaviors will change. There have been ample panics and economic fallout for ages in other countries, but an investor in the market must learn to ride out the times. Alarming things will continue to happen from now until the end of time. This is, after all, what's been gleaned from history books. There will be economically pressing times for many while others will continue to be sheltered from such situations. In an economic downturn it might be best to hold on to dollars, invest with caution, and to continue to put money in protected funds and accounts.

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