Networking for Future Gains

In todays' job market it might be difficult to land the first job regardless as to the degree held. With competition as severe as it is and the economy acting as if it is on functional suicide getting a decent entry level position is difficult. To combat this issue networking just might serve as a method of guaranteeing a better tomorrow for the employee who needs a boost in the job search. Networking, by definition, will lead to relationships that are significant because it almost guarantees that there will be a job offer somewhere down the road. Networking is our futureThrough the assistance of others whether supervisors or college friends a jobseeker can benefit from this relationship because there might be a position in the offering. Handing out business cards early on and, perhaps, using social media like LinkedIn to advertise services and skill sets will propel the jobseeker to a job paying more and offering more responsibility. Networking is a career positive that gives the seeker the added advantage of branching into other fields. For instance, after college graduation an employee may start in the financial field for a profit company, but move into information technology in the healthcare field. It's possible to work for a business entity for many years and see that same business go under. The job applicant who has networked is at an advantage because there is the possibility of finding a job much quicker than those who sat on the sidelines. To post gains over time it might be wise to not be a wallflower within the organization, as opportunities can form in the least likely of areas. Remember, it's not too late to start networking. While receiving accolades for work already done, pass out business cards. The people who receive the card can give referrals to others on your behalf and in an economic crunch there just may be an employment opportunity designed for the skill set presented on the business card. Networking is thinking for the future and it offers a means to have a coveted position when others are still searching for bare bones.

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