Office Personalities and How the Organization is Shaped

The differences between personality types have been analyzed and published for anyone to study and master. But when it's time to apply this knowledge to the business world the reaction, though not quite horrific, is still measured by gasps. How many times have people clashed and then become friends after the melee. It happens frequently and the reason behind these blow ups between co-workers is due to the varied personas. Office PersonalitiesExpectations are different when it comes to the office workers' personal mantras. Some of the employees may be more social and others a lot less. There is nothing wrong with this behavior, but when clashes interfere with the work environment it's time to make a few changes before things grow worse. To make a bad situation better an analysis of personalities can be performed to get some idea of the character type someone might be. Take the Myers-Briggs test for instance. After completing it the employees will all know what traits they may possess that allows for an unpleasant time. But not every business has a need to have its employees examined. Going about things the traditional way serves to hinder progress and a problem remains for longer than it should. In the case of a type A personality and a type B personality working together concessions will have to be made such that the environment remains conducive to work. Even though two people may have a similar education and work background it doesn't mean that they will get along. As evidenced by the presence of resolution boards and problem solving foundations it's apparent that troubles often arise. Yet these troubles, known conspicuously as workplace events, don't have to happen frequently. Although some things can't be predicted or known beforehand it's still reasonable to make allowances in the business for the future. Thus, where a known problem exists pairing up totally different personality types makes it worse on the whole; this one rule will change the way the organization is run.

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