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Seeing others and being seen sometimes determines if that promotion will happen soon. An internet profile gives the reader an idea of those things that aren't generally covered. Establishing a presence on LinkedIn, a virtual resume showplace, will bring attention and potential for further employment. By design, the internet itself is a means to exposing oneself to the many resources and procuring employment opportunities that may not have been listed. LinkedIn is a massive database for making connections and posting employment statuses for others to know. Whether accomplishments are listed or if the traditional resume is shared, this is a means to getting the word out that a professional wishes to be viewed. Potential employers view this database as do former co-workers. LinkedIn is much like an online business card whereby the platform is such that it's possible to go into great detail about personal bests. Some people believe that creating and customizing a profile on LinkedIn, as with any other website of the sort, is an invasion of privacy and gives to much information to an internet audience. Well, in light of this the website is secure and a viewer has to log in to gain access to full profiles. In this way the system can tell who's viewing whom and essentially monitor the search patterns of those that log in.   But because an individual can share any amount of information, the LinkedIn website is ideal for the job candidate. Using it also allows for camaraderie and association between its members. People can connect with others who are in the same field or simply want professional friends. The website is an excellent means to get acquainted with new people and recommitted to old professional relationships. Quite unlike a dating website, these conversations and meetings are for a business relationship. A profile can assist a reputation and possibly raise rank in the field. What more could a worker with multiple skill sets want as either an up-and-coming or an established employee?

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