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Personal Development Plans are a fantastic training and development method. With one of these plans in place for each member of staff, up to and including senior staff, many benefits can emerge and blossom. It is a holistic way to get to know staff in their skill set. It identifies training needs, gaps and strengths in performance, weaknesses and methods to engage theses areas. Feedback from staff to management is two way, it can clarify disputes by nipping them in the early stages. Staff Building MethodThe plans list skills of an employee and by marking on a scale. With discussion the employee can be put on the scale, where both parties believe the staff member has developed to. Minimum accepted levels can be marked. For instance on a scale of 1 to 10 performance (10 being best) on health and safety practice can be given a minimum of 3 (absolute basic level to perform associated operations). The employee may be assessed as a 4 (above basic, but requires further training to achieve a level 6). Level 6 being a level to train others in health and safety practice. This can identify further training or qualifications needed and in what timeframe.  
An all round winner
It is scheduled employee assessment method and planning an employee’s role within the business. Assessments of the plans can be quarterly or six monthly or even yearly. It is a good way to clearly identify severe skill shortages. Identify where the employee wishes to grow, and where they have to develop. Clear targets can be set, with tangible means set up to catalyze these changes in performance. This way resolves grievances in a controlled and managed format. The staff feels valued so helping staff retention.

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