The Green Points Relevance Now

Ethical business bonuses for Green policies
“Der Grune Punkt” as the Germans put it, otherwise known as “The Green Point”, has being a growing aspect of business operation over the past two decades or so. For a business to strongly and openly promote environmental sensitive products or services, does set a marketing agenda. The growth of ‘Green’ business varies a lot but still has some way to go, particularly in developing countries. The Green Points Relevance NowTo advocate aspects of environmental sensitivity can be a tool used in marking up pricing. This can cover costs involved in ‘green’ business, and be used to push up profit margins beyond recovering associated costs. Consumers will often be persuaded to buy at higher prices products or services that are environmentally sound. They may even be more minded to do business that simply has the reputation of following this agenda. So apart from product / service prices having increased profit margins, general sales of a business operation can also yield an overall increase. Even small donations to environmental charities by business, can be promoted to customers to enhance marketing. Positive links like this in donations (cash or products/ services), grants or cross training are mutually symbiotic, and the customer is happy.  
Sustainability is as relevant as ever
Labels such as ‘environmentally sensitive’, ‘sustainable’, ‘biodegradable’, ‘free range’ and ‘organic’ are some keywords. These are subject to local trading laws on definitions and must be taken seriously or legal action may ensue. For instance Existing business operations may already operate ‘green’ methods, e.g. automatic recycling, but have bypassed the attention of the business. An audit of operations can bring these to light for marketing.

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